5 of Southeast Asia’s unhealthiest dishes that you simply must try

We all know my love for southeast asia and it’s cuisine. After all, it is what I grew up with and even after moving to England I have managed to find some great, authentic eats like Roti King to kill my ever so often craving for home. It probably is for the best that I don’t have a hawker center with chicken rice for $3 outside my house, it would be a problem. A lot of the favourites aren’t the healthiest, however, once in awhile everyone deserves to indulge on a cheat meal – and you might as well make it count.

“Everything in moderation, even moderation”

Here are some of the famous Malaysian/Singaporean dishes that really bring in the calories – you will probably need a detox after but it is almost so worth it for those 10 minutes of spice heaven.

char kway teow

1.Char Kway Teow

This is one of the winners bringing in almost 800 calories and 40g fats. Try not to have any carbs the rest of the day…



This is probably the unhealthiest salad out there with around 560 Calories and 25g of Fats. Paired with the freshly cut vegetables comes deep fried tofu and a lot of starchy sweet sauce.

Mee Goreng London

 3.Mee Goreng

Rounding up to 502 calories and 20g fat, Mee Goreng is quite similar to Char Kway Teow except for the eggs noodles instead of rice noodles.

rasa sayang london

4.Nasi Lemak 

Nasi Lemak either comes with a chicken curry or fried chicken, depending where you eat it. Either way, the coconut rice, kacang (nuts) and deep fried ikan bilis (anchovies) bring this dish to a hearty 500 calories, with 15g of fat.

fried carrot cake

5.Fried Carrot Cake 

 I have written about this dish in my food lover’s paradise post . The trouble is it is usually eaten as a side dish to your main, so with 466 calories and 25g fats it definitely makes a big addition to your intake by the end of your whole meal 😮 Super yummy though! 

Now the important question, which would you spend your cheat meal on?

Author: meladela

Just a curly girl who loves to eat and travel.

4 thoughts on “5 of Southeast Asia’s unhealthiest dishes that you simply must try”

  1. I would definitely like to try some of these! Maybe not everything in the same day lol, but still… being a foodie, that’s piece of (fried carrot) cake!


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