A taste of Singapore in London – Roti King

Growing up in Singapore, I took the joys of greeting my taste buds with a blend of spices and herbs for granted. If there is one thing I truly miss, its the wide variety of food at every corner.

London is the city of street food but it still has nothing on a local hawker centre in Singapore, and it definitely does not compete in price. However, thanks to my dear friend Sarah, I discovered the closest thing to home in this big capital. She discovered this gem before it moved to Euston and became more talked about, check her review out here.

Today, Roti King is located near Euston station, hidden along a side road, and its exterior does not do it any justice. But when you step into the small gateway, the first thing you are greeted with is the chef making Roti freshly before your eyes and the authentic smells of South East Asia.

I have heard from many that the Chinese dishes here are not the best the city has to offer. However, I can definitely recommended the following dishes, they are the best Singaporean/Malaysian dishes I have had in Europe.

1. Roti or Roti Prata –  4-5 GBP

Roti Prata London

There is a reason this place is called Roti King. This perfectly light and fluffy flatbread of S.E.A is served with Chicken or Fish Curry or for those seeking the veggie option, you can have this with Dahl (lentil curry)

2. Mee Goreng 5.5 GBP

Mee Goreng London

A fried(Goreng means fried in malay) noodle dish which incorporates the many tastes of Chinese, Malay and Indian food.  It is usually slightly spicy but paired with sweet bean sauce, it is a match made in heaven. It is usually served with chicken, prawns and squid or tofu.

3. Laksa 5-6GBP

Laksa in London

Now this is definitely one of my favourites here. For those of you who love coconut based soups such as a Thai green curry, you will love this dish. Although this is a soup not a curry. This hearty meal can be enjoyed throughout the year but I had this during Winter and I walked out feeling warm and ready to bear the crisp air.

4. Char Kway Teow 6GBP

Unfortunately I got too distracted by the aromas of the dish that I had no time for a picture. I had to dive straight in. Char Kway Teow,fried flat rice noodles, is a signature dish across Malaysia and Singapore and I must say for a moment I forgot I was just off the busy streets of Euston. And although each bite was filled with a high content of saturated fat, it was all worth it.