Berry Beetroot Smoothie Recipe

The benefits of beetroots are endless and I have a love/hate relationship with them. I use to hate them growing up, but as you get older your palate starts to appreciate different tastes. Take red wine for example, I could never understand why anyone would choose to drink it. Now I crave it in the … Continue reading Berry Beetroot Smoothie Recipe


Uncovering the ancient ruins of Pompeii

While we were staying in Sorrento as our hub to explore the enchanting Amalfi coast, we took a day trip out to Pompeii to visit the infamous ruins. Many people decide to rent cars when exploring this mediterranean coast however, I advice against it. I am so glad we stuck to public transport, with the … Continue reading Uncovering the ancient ruins of Pompeii

The Best of London’s Street Art

London is known for many things and while there are the glamourous things to see like the Buckingham palace and MI5 building, there is also a more artsy and expressive side of London. Many know of Shoreditch and Brick lane - home to the hipsters and some great graffiti and artwork. My favourite piece tells … Continue reading The Best of London’s Street Art


Oxford’s Gem – Pitt Rivers Museum

Most people associate Oxford with the infamous Oxford University (sorry Mom that I didn't decide to get my degree here) and of course, Harry Potter. Spending a day in Oxford allows you enough time to walk around the city centre and take in the great architecture.   I would recommend entering the trinity college campus … Continue reading Oxford’s Gem – Pitt Rivers Museum