Singaporean Old School Delights

Everywhere you go in most developed countries, you see how children these days have no interest in playing outside and would rather immerse themselves in the virtual world. I grew up in Singapore in an old british army camp with beautiful bungalow houses and almost endless fields of green. We would have cobra snakes in our gardens (no lie) and bull frogs in our pond, competing on the loudest croak to impress the lady frogs. I would spend my free time outside with my neighbours in the longkangs (large drains) looking for guppy fish to catch or explore the “haunted” house a few streets behind us.

I can’t imagine a better childhood and I feel sorry for the children of this generation who will never have the same, real adventures because they are too busy on their iPads.

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Mel In Myanmar – 12 things I learnt in a boat on Inle Lake

  1. Morning’s in Nyuang shwe ,a town near Inle Lake, are really chilly. To deal with this, the locals walk around with thick wool blankets around their shoulders, their version of scarves I guess.
  2. The afternoon sun however can get quite aggressive.

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Hot Air Balloon in Bagan – Is Oriental Balloon’s the Best Option?

How did you celebrate your birthday this year? I was in the sky, breathing in the burmese air while watching the sun rise behind the horizon, leaving the temples of Bagan in a bright glow (not to brag but I needed something beautiful to get over the fact that I am  a quarter of a century old now)

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