3 Must Have Local Balinese Food

It feels like forever ago but the sweet taste of every spice and herb lingers on my taste buds when I think about Bali. Not only is southeast asia one of my favourite places in the world, it is where I grew up so returning to the familiar smells and bustling streets always brings back childhood memories. Prior to this trip, my only other memory of Bali was when we visited Nusa dua for a long weekend to celebrate my cousins marriage. I never truly saw the vast landscapes this island has to offer.

It was D’s first ever visit to southeast asia so I wanted him to soak every bit of it in and we all know that food is the way to every man’s heart, and he fell in love. Most people always caution you about the “Bali belly”, mainly due to the still unsophisticated irrigation systems. We made sure we were extra cautious, avoiding fresh salads and brushing our teeths with bottled water. But one thing we were not going to do is let this stop us from trying the real local delicacies. While there are many dishes that make up a local’s diet, these three in our opinions are the must haves if you want to discover the real side of Bali (outside of the many tourist traps crowded by aussies).

  • Nasi Padang
nasi padang bali
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My Favourite Waterfalls of Bali

So I have returned from Bali, sorry I know I am still posting about the holiday on instagram, there were just so many insta-worthy moments captured (shoutout to the amazing boyfriend).

One thing Bali has plenty off is waterfalls, and I love a powerful, serene waterfall. So it was no surprise that we spent quite a few days trying to suss out the best waterfalls in Bali, and quite honestly it was hard because there were so many we didn’t even get to see. The sad news is, they are all spread out across the mesmerising island. Staying in Ubud is prime location to reach many of the well-known waterfalls, a popular one being Tegenungan Waterfall.

waterfall bali

While this waterfall was the most powerful one we saw, it was also the most populated with tourists and access is restricted for safety due to the utter strength it possesses. I would suggest going here as early as possible to have a better chance of quietly taking mother nature in.

My top favourite was Kanto Lampo, a slightly less known fall that we only found about through our driver. The fall was less infiltrated with people and you can be one with it, climbing right on the rocks and embracing the force of nature. From Ubud this is about an hour drive and you can visit the Goa Gajah temple en-route but I wouldn’t suggest planning an activity after this fall as it takes your energy out with the climb and current wrestling.

Finally, Tucad Cepung gives you all the mystical, instagrammable vibes of a hidden gem. Catching the light at the perfect time is vital for the gram, before noon should do the trick (I am sure another website has more precise information for the instagram influencer… )

waterfalls bali

Just let go and fall like a waterfall

Bob Ross

Prices range from about 20,000 IDR to 30,000 IDR per person which gains you entry to the waterfall.

What were some of your favourite waterfalls on this tropical island?

Marbella Of The Med

Marbella is not like your typical Mediterranean beach city. Sure, it’s got all the things you would expect and more from a city of the Med. incredibly soft and warm sand that you sink into with each step. Beautiful hiking paths that winds around the coast, up the hills and into the city alleyways. The succulent and fresh as can be fish that is fried in gorgeous rich olive oil is here too. However, it’s not the same as many cities on the Mediterranean coast because it has a lot of British culture. There’s a British school for kids to go to as there are many British expats that have retired here or work in the city’s many sectors. If you’re from Britain you’ll feel right at home as they have good old fashioned British pubs, plenty of fish and chip shops, and many people who speak English. In fact many of the apartments and modern hotels are geared toward something you might like in the way of Western decor instead of Spanish. You can mix a bit of home with a bit of Spanish coastline.

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Taking A Vacation While Protecting Your Budget

Flying was once an expensive luxury – indeed, the cost of a private jet is still very high, but there are ways that people can fly private for less than you might think, you just have to know what to look for. Thanks to changes in technology and oil prices, those of us seeking escapism, but for whom private jets are still out of our budgets, find that it is now easier than ever to board a plane to any number of destinations around the world. However, the trick here is to make sure you’re not paying more than you need to and to do that there are a couple of ideas to consider. Firstly, make the most of cheap flight gurus who are spending their times researching the best priced journeys around the world. Websites that once started small like Scott’s Cheap Flights and Jack’s Flight Club are now causing serious ripples in the travel market and helping travelers to be transported for less.

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Finding Your Voice Abroad

We might be travellers throughout the course of our lives, and might absolutely love every minute spent acting in this way. But it can sometimes be that we never completely feel ‘at home’ in our new temporary environment, no matter how much we wish to see ourselves as an ‘Earth citizen.’ This isn’t so bad. Without the feeling of exotic adventure, we likely wouldn’t head to so many distant locales to see just what is beyond the horizon. After all, we often think that the world has shrunk due to satellite mapping and the ease of travel, but the world is the same size it always was, and will always retain the capacity to surprise and astonish you. If you feel travelling has become stale and boring, you’re likely not travelling as well as you could be. Continue reading “Finding Your Voice Abroad”

2019 Travel Inspiration

Merry Christmas, I trust your belly’s and hearts are full and you are now planning your next family get together! With the year coming to a close I wanted to end off with a travel bucket list for 2019 for anyone looking for a little inspiration. Get in touch with me if you have any questions on the recommendations/destinations and I would be happy to answer 🙂


Ella is paradise for any nature lover who wants tranquility while exploring nature in the highlands. With long walks, waterfalls, breathless sunsets and endless tea plantations, it is hard not to fall in love with this place in the heart of Sri Lanka. The best time to travel is in April for dry weather across both coasts of Sri Lanka and if you plan it right you can travel during the easter bank holiday and first may bank holiday, taking only 9-10 days off work for almost 3 weeks of holidays!  Continue reading “2019 Travel Inspiration”

How to Earn Extra Money While Travelling

If you love going on a holiday and seeing different places several times a year, your hobby might become expensive after a while. The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can fund your travels and feel safer and less guilty about your trips. If you are in the gig economy, you might already know about some of them. Still, it might be time to brainstorm and find new ways to earn extra money for things you love doing. Continue reading “How to Earn Extra Money While Travelling”

Back to Basics – Ways To Travel

2019 is near, so near I can smell the exciting things to come. And of course, there is nothing more exciting than planning your first trip in the new year! I have finally reached my 30 country before turning 30 goal with two extra years to go, so I need a new goal.

If like me, you are dying to explore this beautiful planet, then I am sure you also find it overwhelming of where to start when everywhere is on your list! Going back to basics sometimes helps, thinking about how you want to travel. Catching a cheap eurostar train or a roadtrip are sometimes forgotten in holiday planning.  In this post  we are going to look at the three basic options of getting around and some facts on them.
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Raising Money for Your 2019 Trip

At the time of writing, the old year is drawing to a close, and the new one is about to begin. What will it hold for you? Where will you travel? How many items on your bucket list will you get to tick off along the way? I know that doing a Safari in west or south Africa is still high on my list, and planning another trip to visit my friendly giant pals

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When In Italy..

You know the expression ‘when in Rome..’, well our guide is going to focus on what you should be doing when you are in Italy. If you are a traveller, Italy is certainly somewhere you should experience. Thanks to the fact that there are so many wonderful things that you can see and do in the whole country, narrowing it down to Rome seems a little difficult. So, if you are taking a trip anytime soon, then keep reading our list of things that you should do when you visit Italy. Continue reading “When In Italy..”