Capri – Paradise on earth

There is an isle, kissed by a smiling sea,
Where all sweet confluents meet: a thing of heaven,
A spent aërolite, that well may be
The missing sister of the starry Seven.           –   Alfred Austin

We spent a full day in Capri, although I regret not spending more time here. I plan to come back to this beautiful island in the summer and explore the blue grotto and sail out to sea.

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Festive Couscous Salad recipe

First of all, Merry Christmas everyone. I trust it was full of love, alcohol and calories. Now, not that the feast has ended with the boxing day weekend, I thought I would help kick start the road back to healthy indulgence.


Here is a simple, quick and easy couscous salad recipe that you can pair with your leftover turkey today. It does not only look like Christmas but tastes like it too thanks to the juicy and cheerful pomegranates. Continue reading “Festive Couscous Salad recipe”

Home away from Home

Growing up in Singapore I was surrounded by food and smells that I dearly miss in Europe. Luckily for me, I live in such a metropolitan city where I can find almost anything!

I always say that I should save everything I can get in Singapore for when I go back to visit, that way I really look forward to it that much more. However, I, like many others, have a few products that are on my “bring this back to England” list. I asked a few of my other fellow travel bloggers who live away from “home”( I am referring to the country you were born and grew up in), what they always take back. Continue reading “Home away from Home”

Top 5 Tips on preventing motion sickness

If you are cursed with the gift of feeling ill everytime you travel on the road then welcome to my world. However, I have never let this curse stop me from jumping on a bus and exploring. Whether it is through the winding roads of the Atlas mountains in Morocco, the snake path in Manchester or the narrow bends of the Amalfi coast with a steep drop next to me, I soldiered through with very near death/sickness encounters.

Dealing with this for the 24 years I have lived on this beautiful planet has allowed me to find methods that help prevent motion sickness. This is tried and tested guys! Continue reading “Top 5 Tips on preventing motion sickness”

Germany’s prettiest medieval Christmas Market

Everyone’s got their own versions of Christmas. Whether its wearing Christmas jumpers and watching Love actually or heading to church for midnight mass, there are always a few traditions that never get old. Growing up in Singapore, most of my Christmas’s were warm and spent surrounded by my large family on the 25th with a traditional roast turkey and then gambling with cards ( this is not a Singaporean tradition, but our family one). Whilst I loved those gatherings, they didn’t quite compare to the Christmas’s we occasionally had at our Grandparents'(Oma and Opa) in Germany. Being inside a warm house while its cold outside, drinking all types of home-made liquor. Eating my grandmother’s home made Christmas cookies (Weihnachtsgebäck) and listening to her talk about how long she slaved in the kitchen to make these and that if we bought them in stores they would cost 3euros for a small bag and not taste as heavenly. Continue reading “Germany’s prettiest medieval Christmas Market”