The best way to explore the Amalfi Coast

Planning your trip to the Amalfi coast can sometimes be quite stressful, especially because you want to see everything! We had 4 days in Italy and wanted to make the most of it by visiting Pompeii, Amalfi coast and Capri. It was very ambitious, but we actually did it and it all went quite smoothly. Surprisingly, most of the buses and trains we planned to get were all on time, despite the notorious stories we heard about punctuality in Italy.

We decided to base ourselves in Sorrento which lay somewhat between all our “must-sees” and if you want to avoid moving from hotel to hotel with your backpacks, I suggest you do the same thing. Continue reading “The best way to explore the Amalfi Coast”

Ravello, Villa Cimbrone – In the clouds with the Romans

Ever wondered what its like to float in the clouds? I imagine it is quite magical, just like Ravello, tucked on the edge of the cliffs of the Amalfi coast. I just got back from a wonderful break in Italy and when we did our tour around the Amalfi,the clouds were hovering low. Whilst I was hoping for sunny clear skies, the clouds and mist added to the charm of Ravello. This is where I imagine the roman god Jupiter roaming the cobbled streets.

Ravello infinity terrace

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Living in London – What to expect, be aware of and tips

thames river

It’s been nearly 15 months since I moved to London and I have had so many ups and downs in this eccentric, beautiful city. The main stress of London is your living situation. Because the demand is so high, many private owners and agencies can get away with so much more than in any other city in the UK and unfortunately, 80% of the time you just have to accept that. The rent (of a room in a house share) costs a fortune with the average being £550-£600 a month in zone 2/3 and  £700 in zone 1- obviously depending on the type/age and size of accommodation. Continue reading “Living in London – What to expect, be aware of and tips”