6 reasons you should visit Myanmar this year

1.More and more foreigners are visiting Myanmar

Firstly, every year more and more tourists decide to travel to Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). When we went to Bagan there were a few restaurants fully filled with French and German tourist. With the recent news about the government banning tourist from climbing the temples in Bagan ( just after our visit to Bagan, phew), it just shows how much is going to change as Myanmar becomes a bigger tourist attraction. So book your flight there now before it becomes the next Thailand.

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Celebrating Chinese New Year in Singapore

Chinese New Year is a big annual occasion that tops Christmas in Singapore. No shops are open during the two public holidays and hardly any hawker stalls ( be wary in case you are travelling to Singapore during this time). But in return, you get to experience the traditions and culture that have been around for centuries. Many countries other than China celebrate CNY – Myanmar, Vietnam and actually any country/region that has a large chinese population aka any Chinatown!

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