Being A Feminist in the 21st Century

I was going to start this post wishing everyone happy international Women's day, but it really isn't a happy affair. Even though we have had strong movements in Hollywood with Times Up, and company's in England have announced the gender pay gaps within many companies, the reality is, we are still no where near to … Continue reading Being A Feminist in the 21st Century


Lust or Love: How Do You Tell The Difference

This is the age old question, or maybe a more recent question with the likes of social media, online dating apps and catfish realities. How can you tell the difference between lust and love? Now I am no love doctor but I have experienced being in love and being in lust and there are some … Continue reading Lust or Love: How Do You Tell The Difference

Self-Love On Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's! The ones reading this probably aren't going on a date tonight with that special someone or do not have a special someone. But guess what, grab a glass of wine and watch some shit tv (after you read this) and before you know it Valentine's will be over ;p The truth is, I … Continue reading Self-Love On Valentine’s Day


The Reality Of Your First Love

first love

I am writing this post while I sit on my 13 hour flight back home to Singapore to see the family for Christmas. Did you know that people are more emotional on flights? Either because you know your not going to see someone special for a few weeks or that you are about to see … Continue reading The Reality Of Your First Love


11 Lies My Parent’s Told Me As A Kid

Let's get straight to the point - we all lie. But the lie's or stories we are told as kids really stick with you and mould you into the person you are today. Luckily for us, we have google and all other sources so our parent's can't make something up for their own benefit. But … Continue reading 11 Lies My Parent’s Told Me As A Kid


The Struggle of The Modern Day Single Woman

I am surrounded by the modern day independent woman who gets what she wants on her own, works hard and has so much ambition but is always talking about how men aren’t shit and they are all “wastemen”. I am admittedly one of them and it had me thinking about the society we live in … Continue reading The Struggle of The Modern Day Single Woman


Soul of A Nation – A Revoking Exhibition

soul of a nation exhibition

To say I have been living in London for over 3 years and hadn't been to the Tate modern, I took this art exhibition as my perfect excuse for some culture in the capital.  The soul of a nation - art in the age of black power exhibition showcased art from 1963 to 1983 but … Continue reading Soul of A Nation – A Revoking Exhibition


Curly Hair Confessions

*Disclaimer: This post talks a lot about hair so please avoid scrolling down if you have hair phobia (Chaetophobia) Your hair is your identity – and it took me awhile to really appreciate this thick, curly mane. Growing up in Singapore, the humidity did me no favours and I was a walking fur ball - … Continue reading Curly Hair Confessions


The First Date Rules

First date rules

So, the past year or so of being Single has led me to explore the fast pace, vibrant and challenging dating scene in London. A year ago, I was terrified to go on a date with someone and have to take the time to get to know them but once I got out there it … Continue reading The First Date Rules


The Art of Going Down South

23 paul street

How does one celebrate a year of being single? They go to a member's only strip club to learn about the truth in orgasms and receives a few vibrating gifts. Got your attention now I bet! I am going to take a slightly different topic of discussion in this post, maybe some of you will … Continue reading The Art of Going Down South