Sleeping under the Sahara night sky

Sahara desert

I just got back from a magical week in beautiful Morocco, this country has so much more to offer than I expected. My highlight was our trip to the Sahara desert, although it was a long journey to the Sahara, it was all worth it. I can finally tick it of my bucket list. When we … Continue reading Sleeping under the Sahara night sky


Taking in the island of Singapore in 48 hours

Singapore skyline

Many people stopover in Singapore whilst traveling to their final destination. If you do get the chance to visit the world's cleanest city, I would recommend at least two days to fully appreciate this beautiful, underrate island(Yes I am a little biased since I grew up here). However, try your best to avoid the weekends as … Continue reading Taking in the island of Singapore in 48 hours

Magical Montserrat – The Saw Tooth Mountain


If you are ever visiting the vibrant city of Barcelona, or Spain's gay capital, Sitges, I would recommend making a day trip to the tranquil, rugged Montserrat mountain. This is roughly an hour away and can be accessed via organized coaches, trains or the best option, a car. Various routes are available to take to and … Continue reading Magical Montserrat – The Saw Tooth Mountain


The Sleeping Goddess of Heligan

heligan gardens

There is more to Cornwall than the scrumptious cornish delights and surfers on the beach. For those that love the nature and greenery, wander of to the lost gardens of Heligan. From Emus to sleeping statues, as well as a beautiful tea house, this side of Cornwall does not disappoint. Upon entrance, you can either … Continue reading The Sleeping Goddess of Heligan