Thomas Cook Airline’s Carnival Fiesta

What does Carnival mean to you? If the bright colours, rhythmic beats and the tropical tastes aren’t reason enough to love Carnival then I don’t what is. Ever since I moved to the UK I have gone to Carnival almost every year, whether in Leeds or the iconic notting hill Carnival, hoping that one day I will get to experience the real deal in Rio.

Before the Thomas Cook Airlines event, which was held in Barrio East in Shoreditch, I didn’t know that Tenerife was home to the world’s second largest Carnival after Rio; ” Carnaval Santa Cruz de Tenerife” and the good news is – it is so much nearer to me and my bank won’t hate me for visiting. Continue reading “Thomas Cook Airline’s Carnival Fiesta”

Home-made Falafel

I know summer is over but we have now entered the time of year when summer bodies are made. I am going to start writing more about my fitness journey/struggles, great meal recipes and tips for achieving your goal in time for summer 2016 while I try to achieve mine. Whether your just trying to be healthier and watch your food intake, trying to cut down processed foods or just attempting to look like Beyonce, the outcome all depends on what you eat. Continue reading “Home-made Falafel”

Santiago de Compostela

Something about Spain never gets old. Wether its the delicious tapas and sangria ( my favourite tapas being the croquettas and calamares), the unique culture or the frequent appearance of the sun, I always enjoy a trip back to España.

This time, we visited a whole new region – Galicia. Our first stop, the quaint and possibly most picturesque city I have yet seen in Spain, Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia. Santiago’s main attraction is the majestic Cathedral which lies in the heart of the city and houses the shrine of one of Jesus’ apostles, St.James. The Cathedral is also the destination for the Camino de Santiago (The way of St.James), an infamous pilgrimage route.         Continue reading “Santiago de Compostela”