Thomas Cook Airline’s Carnival Fiesta

london carnival

What does Carnival mean to you? If the bright colours, rhythmic beats and the tropical tastes aren't reason enough to love Carnival then I don't what is. Ever since I moved to the UK I have gone to Carnival almost every year, whether in Leeds or the iconic notting hill Carnival, hoping that one day … Continue reading Thomas Cook Airline’s Carnival Fiesta


Home-made Falafel

I know summer is over but we have now entered the time of year when summer bodies are made. I am going to start writing more about my fitness journey/struggles, great meal recipes and tips for achieving your goal in time for summer 2016 while I try to achieve mine. Whether your just trying to … Continue reading Home-made Falafel

Santiago de Compostela

Cathedral santiago

Something about Spain never gets old. Wether its the delicious tapas and sangria ( my favourite tapas being the croquettas and calamares), the unique culture or the frequent appearance of the sun, I always enjoy a trip back to España. This time, we visited a whole new region - Galicia. Our first stop, the quaint and … Continue reading Santiago de Compostela