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London’s Big Apple

Winter is coming, or infact it is here! It definitely isn’t just me who goes into straight hibernation and semi-depression when it gets dark at 4pm and the cold air numbs your fingers.

Thank god for music, food, alcohol and good vibes. Match that with a themed pop up venue in south London’s hip area of Brixton and you have yourself a Winter cure. Some of you might have had the chance to visit Brixton beach in the summer, this is the same venue which has been re-vamped to take you back to  1970s New York(say it in your best bronx accent). If you take a right when exiting brixton station and then the next right and wander on, you will find the run down railway bridge that invites you to the magical world of Brixton Village.

The Big apple sign is somewhat hidden when you first look ahead into the busy alley way, but you’ll see it’s neon light on the top right corner just by the entrance if you look long enough.


big apple brixtonwhatsapp-image-2016-11-14-at-20-40-21

Have you watched the “the get down”? Well this whole set up takes you right in the middle of the hippest scene.

Imagine a time when hip hop first came about, disco was the mainstream but in the bronx, behind abandoned walls you could hear the beat echoing through – you are in the city that never sleeps, not London – New York!

supa dupa flywhatsapp-image-2016-11-14-at-20-40-16-1whatsapp-image-2016-11-14-at-20-40-17big apple brixton

The venue is split out into separate sections, an old school diner, a disco room (where all the magic happens I guess) and there even is a “night club”.  You can buy greasy all american burgers or mac ‘n’cheese just to round up the experience. And if dancing and drinking isn’t really your thing, they even have yoga classes held here on Mondays!

Who said you had to hibernate this winter?


Photo credits go out to my party friend, Marie, who took charge of the shots while I sipped the booze.

Rye east sussex

Just Outside London – Rye

London is a crazy ball of fun and chaos but sometimes the big city can tire you out, it sure does tire me out once in awhile. Standing outside Vauxhall station queuing amongst a sea of people trying to make my way to work. So you can’t blame me for getting excited for a weekend away with the girls, getting cosy with a few drinks by the fire (which we couldn’t work out) out in the “countryside”.

When my friend first suggested getting an airbnb in Rye, I could only think about delicious German bread. I had never heard of this town. But with pictures of the lovely accommodation we were sold. It just happened to be that Rye turned out to be just as gorgeous, double win. It is a typical coastal English town with cobbled streets and a whole lot of character, just the perfect getaway from the city life. It takes about an hour to reach by train and our airbnb was a 7 minute walk from the station.

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Hvar, Hula Hula and Happiness

It has been quite silent here, my thoughts have been lost between the summer activities and alcohol. On top of that, my 4 year relationship has ended and I just needed space and some me time.

My motto is that if you ever feel lost, a little blue or just shit, book a flight somewhere. The funny (it was not that funny then) thing was I had flights booked to Croatia for our anniversary trip. So the flights were there, the companion was missing.

Then my best friend came to the rescue, my romantic getaway would turn into a single ladies escape.

hulahula bar hvar

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london carnival

Preparing for Notting hill Carnival

We are a few days away from carnival, my favourite summer activity in London. Every year promises to be a big, crazy party and this year it looks like the weather will actually be bright and dry. Although never get your hopes too high. That brings me on to a few tips for anyone going, especially the first timers. Although they do say that the best times are the ones that are not planned, with Carnival you should have some preparation to make sure you make the most of these two vibrant day in London.

  1. Be weather conscious 

UK festival clothing

When you wake up on Sunday and Monday, check the weather. If there is any chance of rain, even the small 10% then I suggest you bring your trendy raincoat with you, after all, this is England .

2. Invest in a hip flask.

Hip flasks save lives and bank accounts. It also saves all that time you would spend queuing up for a drink. Carnival is a street party so you really are not restricted to what you bring. I always have a full bottle of rum and coke and then a hip flask for that ultra-important top up

3. Know your sound 


At Carnival you have the main parade route which is led by the colourful dancers and floats, you can follow this and listen to the up beat Soca music. Then you have the different sound systems splattered across Notting Hill where different DJs and artist play and perform to your favourite music genres. It is always worth having a look at what sound systems are on and where  they are so that you know where you are headed. It is so easy to get lost in the sea of people and you do not want to waste any second on the day deciding what to do.  Rampage is always a great choice if you like R&B, Hip hop and a bit of dancehall. However, it also has been slightly more notorious for having fights break out in the past, just come with good vibes everyone! For the full map and details have a look on Time out here.

4. Know your bladder

Chances are you aren´t going to carnival on your own and friends bladder will not be in sync with yours. My advice is to all go to the toilet at the same time, whether you need to or not. The queues to the toilets are long so you might as well all go and wait in line together so hopefully you won´t need it for another few hours. Speaking of toilets, there are portable toilets all around the carnival grounds. However, if you can´t think of anything worse than a porta-toilet, like me, then you can look out for signs on homes that let you use their more hygienic  toilets for 1-2 pounds (totally worth it). The queues are also relatively shorter!

5. Have fun and be safe

If you are heading to Carnival with your family, go on the Sunday as this is the more family friendly day. Make sure you keep a close watch over your children as it is so easy to lose people in the crowd. Monday is always more chaotic so make sure you are always aware of your surroundings. But finally, just have fun, dance and taste the flavours of the Caribbean!

I hope everyone enjoys their bank holiday and lets all keep our fingers crossed that the weather stays like this



18 things I wish I knew in my 20s

At 25 life can taste a bit bitter. Being 24 meant I was still in the same age bracket as my 21 year old self, but now I´m in with the late 20s crowd, I´m scared.

What if I don´t buy my first car or figure out what I want to do by the time I turn 30?  I was suppose to have it all planned out by now, yet I am still trying to figure it all out. Where/when am I going to settle down and find my dream job? Wait, what is my dream job?

It is all a big, fat BLUR.

But then my Mommy came to the rescue, I told her not to start with the whole “life begins at 40” bullshit so instead, she said she would list a few things she wish she knew at my age. So let´s see if after my mom´s wise words you feel a little more settled about being unsettled.

  1. Use sunscreen and moisturise daily, you will thank me when you´re 40
  2. Never stop learning
  3. Make yourself independent, as soon as you can.
  4. Being a geek really isn´t so bad
  5. Believe that you will make the best choice for yourself
  6. Beware of women with big hands, especially in Bangkok
  7. Don´t regret burning bridges, regret that certain people were not on the bridge
  8. It´s OK to be a bitch
  9. When faced with an option to have another drink or to go home, have another drink – unless you´re paying.
  10. The only permanent thing in life is change
  11. Believe in the power of contraception
  12. Don´t ever live in one place your whole life, make the opportunity to move to another city or country. I promise it will teach you things.
  13. When in doubt or lost, show gratitude for the journey so far and what you have. You are luckier than many others.
  14. That boy who broke your heart is a twat and there will be other twats you meet along the way. But eventually you will find “the one”, maybe even more than once.
  15. If you don´t know whether you should laugh or cry, laugh until you cry.
  16. Don´t forget to save up but also make sure you spend the money you work hard for to earn and live your life. There is no point saving up for your funeral, your kids can deal with that.
  17. You should either love the job you do, learn to love it, or leave.
  18. Always trust your intuition about a person or situation, you are usually right.
Food London

London – the Food Capital of the World

The UK has always had a bit of a negative stereotype when it comes to food. They only like big breakfasts, fish and chips, and the occasional roast dinner. So it’s time to dispel that notion because according to the Evening Standard, London is a haven for foodies. In fact, they even went as far to say it’s the “most diverse and exciting food capital of the world.”

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assisi italy

Assisi and the boat without a name

I thought I would escape the grey clouds and wet English June by escaping to Italy and for most of it I was lucky but on our day out in Assisi our luck ran out. With Constant showers and threatening skies, I really didn’t want to leave the car. But beautiful cities look pretty with a grey backdrop too.  Assisi isn’t just a holy place, its enchanting allure is enough to make anyone fall in love.  Continue reading “Assisi and the boat without a name”

old bagan

Travelling across Myanmar – The do’s, the don’ts and in betweens

Myanmar is a beautiful country that is developing at a rapid rate and if you are planning to visit I am sure you will want to see quite a few different places. Whether it is the scarce, ancient lands of Bagan, the majestic and jaw dropping Shwedagon Pagoda or the one foot standing fishermen of Inle lake, Myanmar has a whole new world to offer any type of traveller.

I had so many questions around travelling within Myanmar, could we rent a car? Was flying safe? Are the sleeper buses comfortable and scented? Especially since I get motion sickness so easily! Continue reading “Travelling across Myanmar – The do’s, the don’ts and in betweens”

Louis armstrong park

Ooh Poo Pah Doo, Home to blue´s biggest legends

I have always wondered what life was like back in the day, strolling into a jazz bar in the 60s listening to the live rhythm that filled the streets, dancing to every beat, without a care in the world. Watching a season of Mad Men took me there, not that I wished I was to be part of that chauvinistic era, I just wanted a taste.


New Orleans Jazz

I recently wrote about the things I loved about New Orleans and said I would touch on the jazz and blues in a separate post – well if you havn´t already guessed, here it is. Anyone you ask will tell you that New Orleans is the birth place of Jazz and if you ask them where the best place is to listen to some live music they´ll send you to Frenchmen street. Thats where we spent our first 2 nights, roaming the busy street – including the more rowdy, less classy bourbon street. This was fun and it is worth seeing, however, it is full of tourists and there never is a place  to sit to just appreciate the music. Continue reading “Ooh Poo Pah Doo, Home to blue´s biggest legends”