My Favourite Waterfalls of Bali

So I have returned from Bali, sorry I know I am still posting about the holiday on instagram, there were just so many insta-worthy moments captured (shoutout to the amazing boyfriend).

One thing Bali has plenty off is waterfalls, and I love a powerful, serene waterfall. So it was no surprise that we spent quite a few days trying to suss out the best waterfalls in Bali, and quite honestly it was hard because there were so many we didn’t even get to see. The sad news is, they are all spread out across the mesmerising island. Staying in Ubud is prime location to reach many of the well-known waterfalls, a popular one being Tegenungan Waterfall.

waterfall bali

While this waterfall was the most powerful one we saw, it was also the most populated with tourists and access is restricted for safety due to the utter strength it possesses. I would suggest going here as early as possible to have a better chance of quietly taking mother nature in.

My top favourite was Kanto Lampo, a slightly less known fall that we only found about through our driver. The fall was less infiltrated with people and you can be one with it, climbing right on the rocks and embracing the force of nature. From Ubud this is about an hour drive and you can visit the Goa Gajah temple en-route but I wouldn’t suggest planning an activity after this fall as it takes your energy out with the climb and current wrestling.

Finally, Tucad Cepung gives you all the mystical, instagrammable vibes of a hidden gem. Catching the light at the perfect time is vital for the gram, before noon should do the trick (I am sure another website has more precise information for the instagram influencer… )

waterfalls bali

Just let go and fall like a waterfall

Bob Ross

Prices range from about 20,000 IDR to 30,000 IDR per person which gains you entry to the waterfall.

What were some of your favourite waterfalls on this tropical island?

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