The Sleeping Goddess of Heligan

heligan gardens

There is more to Cornwall than the scrumptious cornish delights and surfers on the beach. For those that love the nature and greenery, wander of to the lost gardens of Heligan. From Emus to sleeping statues, as well as a beautiful tea house, this side of Cornwall does not disappoint.

Mud maid heliganUpon entrance, you can either turn right and head into the woodland walk or left into the jungle. On the woodland walk you are greeted with the beautiful mud maid, sleeping peacefully in the bed of grass. This along with the Giant’s head are the inspiration behind two heligan-themed childrens books “The Giant” and ” The Mud Maid” by Sandra Horn.

The Giants head

My mother is obsessed with trees and this was her paradise. I understand her love for trees, sometimes I wish they would just start talking to me and carry me across the woods like Pippin from Lord of the Rings.

heligan gardens

heligan garden

An explosion of colours across the pond and the serene Canopy made me feel like I was somewhere in the amazon, the cold amazon.

gardens of heligan

heligan gardens

I also mastered the art of being tinkerbell and looking like I’m sitting on a leaf.

IMG_8393There is a rope bridge to walk across, a jungle to get your shoes dirty in and beautiful birds nesting in homemade houses.

lost gardens of heligan

This beautiful garden deserves a half or even full day, whether you want a romantic nature break with your partner or to bring the kids outdoors or just to simply have a peaceful walk.

Not to mention, you’ll get to meet my lazy friends Queenie and Edmond!


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