Hells Mouth – Surfer’s paradise, Sailors worst nightmare

Hells Mouth

I spent last weekend getting down and dirty with nature, camping in Wales. I have never been to Wales before and I did not have any expectations however, I learnt that the UK has so much to offer and you don’t have to get on a plane to see clear blue water while sitting on soft sand.

However, you probably do have to get on a plane if you want guaranteed scorching heat. That is something this Island cannot promise. We camped in a lovely, clean camping site (http://www.tyn-y-mur.co.uk/) on a hill overlooking Abersoch, a small town also known as Cheshire by the sea due to the many affluent visitors that flock here during the holidays.

The campsite wasn’t just close to the town centre, it also boasted a great view of the undulating landscape with hints of the blue irish sea.

Camping Wales

We had a lot of luck with the sun making its appearance all weekend. The wind, however, caused quite a bit of havoc while setting the tent up. One of our camp neighbours lost their tents to the wind, it literally got blown away. R.I.P

Wales Camping

My favourite part of the weekend was visiting Hells Mouth, known by the locals as Porth Neigwl. This 4 mile long stretch of stoney beach is exposed to the Atlantic and is home to waves which attract surfers from all over the world. There are many tragic fishermen’s tales of Hells Mouth and many ships which have been unfortunate enough to end up in this bay, never made it out.

Hells mouthHells Mouth

Apart from the mysterious bay of Hell’s Mouth, there are a few other things to do in and around Abersoch:

1. Have breakfast or dinner/drinks at Zinc in Abersoch’s town centre. This bar/restaurant has an open terrace that looks out to the dock and is always busy with locals and tourists.

zinc bar abersoch

2. Drive to Whistling Sands – listen to the sand whistle to the beat of your footsteps. This beach on the northern peninsula is popular for its pure, golden sand and clear waters. If it’s your lucky day, you’ll even get to see seals or dolphins. However, sadly it wasn’t my lucky day.

whistling sands

Whistling sands

3. Find the hidden beach of Abersoch and enjoy the privacy: When the tide is low you can venture further down Abersoch beach and follow the rigid bend along the cliff on the right. Behind this cliff is where you find this less-known beach with small, untouched caves. Just be aware that you head back before the tide comes back in or you’ll be featuring in your own Cast Away film.

abersoch caves

4. Climb the steep steps to the Tin Man in Llanbedrog. Beware: the walk is not for the faint at heart and the view of the coast is more impressive than the sculpture.



Diolch (thank you) Wales for the beautiful views and intriguing language


Hells MouthAbersoch

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