Preparing your health for any travels

Hey Ya’ll – it’s been a hot minute! Between a pandemic, moving houses and just not having the motivation, it’s been hard to be as active blogging.

Now most of us are probably at home or getting ready for Christmas (we ight as well) but there are many of you still travelling smart and getting away where possible. Your health is so important while you’re travelling, it can completely ruin your trip so it’s important that you look after yourself. But a lot of people aren’t aware of the health risks that they are likely to face (outside of Covid19) on their trip and they get caught out. These are some of the most common travel health issues and how you can avoid them. 

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Sun Damage 

The most obvious issue when you’re travelling is sun damage, especially if you’re not used to the warm weather, which most people from the UK aren’t. Most people know that they need to wear sunscreen and moisturise so they can protect their skin, but what about your eyes. Sunglasses aren’t just there to help you see in the bright light, they’re there to stop you from damaging your eyes. It’s important that you get a good quality pair of sunglasses from a site like instead of a cheap pair that won’t offer you any protection. You also need to be aware of the dangers of sunstroke as well. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and take a break to get out of the sun if you feel that you are getting too hot. 


There are a lot of reasons why you might get sick when you are travelling. In certain countries, drinking the tap water can cause a stomach upset and you might struggle with the food if you aren’t used to it. In a new country, just be careful what you eat and drink and try to stick to plain foods for the first day or two while you get used to things. 

Motion sickness is a big problem for some people when they travel as well and if you know that you are likely to suffer on long journeys, take these steps to prevent it.


Whether you’re on a hiking trip or you are walking around the shopping district, you usually do a lot of walking while you are travelling. Blisters are a very common problem when people are travelling and they can put a bit of a downer on the trip because you are constantly in pain while you are trying to see the sights. That’s why you need to make sure that you have sensible, supportive footwear if you are doing a lot of walking. Don’t wear a new pair of shoes either because they need to be broken in before you start doing a lot of walking. If you struggle with blisters, check out for some tips on avoiding them. 

Insect Bites 

Insect bites are annoying at the very least but in some countries, insects carry a lot of dangerous diseases, so you have to be careful. Wearing long sleeves and trousers will help you to avoid being bitten, but you also need to bring plenty of bug spray, especially if you are going to a country where bugs are a big problem. Make sure that you get all of the necessary jabs as well so you don’t catch anything nasty if you do get bitten. 

Next time you are planning a trip, make sure that you plan for these common travel health issues.


Indian Clay Mask – A Myth Or Miracle?

Hello my peeps – So its been 10 weeks since I’ve been in lockdown and social distancing and I’ve been keeping busy with a) video content b) trialling new things with my hair and my skin!

An interesting one that I had to share was the multi-purpose use I found my indian healing clay to have. Most of you would have heard of this mask on your face, it’s all the rave these days, and I for one love it. It is said that the clay absorbs oils and bacteria from the skin and this is removed when washing it off. The same theory is true for using this mask on your hair.

You have to mix it with water and apple cider vinegar. Let’s talk about apple cider vinegar for a moment, this ingredient is the real MVP. This ingredient came into my life after I found out I had a yeast intolerance, and guess what balsamic vinegar uses yeast in processing. So I found out that apple cider vinegar was the safer alternative. In turns out it’s a lot more than an alternative to my salad dressings.

Apple cider vinegar helps to balance your scalp, skin and hair PH levels and is great for combating dry scalp. Watch the video below on how I use apple cider vinegar as a cleansing shampoo!

You can also drink apple cider vinegar with hot water, it helps bloating, aids in weight loss and help lower blood sugar levels. I sometimes add apple cider vinegar into my hot lemon,ginger and honey drink so it doesn’t overpower the flavour.

When using this on your hair, mix the indian clay with apple cider vinegar, water and olive oil (or any other essential oil) as instructed on the video and apply it on damp hair. Leave it for roughly 25 to 30minutes, your hair will start to feel really hard and dry but fear not, once you’re in the shower the mask washes off easily.

The results? My curls felt slightly less moisturised but I didn’t add the oil and damp and detangle my hair before. My curls however, were more coily and clumpy which I really loved and they held longer than usual so I will definitely be adding this to my routine.

Let me know what your experience was!


Your First Couple Holidays – The Do’s, The Dont’s And What To Expect

Hola! Selamat Datang, Willkommen! Sorry for the radio silence.

For anyone following me on social media, you will know I have reluctantly returned from an almost 3 week vacation with my other half. It was his first visit to southeast Asia and the first time I’ve ever brought a guy back to meet my family in Singapore. So quite a big deal for both of us.

We have been on short weekends away but this is something else. When you’re back home everyone has their own friends they meet up with and work they go to, so travelling together for a long period is a completely different dynamic because you are with each other 24/7.

Safe to say, we survived it and came home even stronger with some amazing memories but I thought sharing a few expectations and tips from my own experiences could help anyone preparing for their first couple’s trip.

Expect Arguments: And they will be about the silliest things but bickering is normal with anyone you spend a lot of time with. The important thing is to realise that it is inevitable and try and be conscious of the other person’s feeling.

Expect lots of laughs: While I started this article of with arguments, majority of your holiday should be filled with a lot of adventures and laughs, maybe a couple mosquito bites. But I always knew that my “the one” had to be someone I could travel to and liked doing the same things I did abroad ( a lot of adventures!).

And in many instances, a long holiday with your significant other can make or break the relationship the same way moving in with someone does.

In my opinion, these are signs that your partner is not a great travel partner and that always raises warning signals for me:

  • If you want to do completely separate things on holiday and can’t agree on activities.
  • If you cannot compromise on the little things
  • If there is no communication to get to the bottom of any arguments and you would rather not talk about it
  • If your other half enjoys spending more time with other people on holiday than spending one on one time with you
  • If they get jealous when other men/women are around

So how can you make sure your trip has the strongest chance of being great? Plan the holiday together so everyone has a say on what they want to do and a rough itinerary is agreed on, at the same time try and be relaxed so that not every minute of the day is planned – that is an argument waiting to happen.

Take turns with responsibilities, don’t be the person that always is in charge of the map or blamed for getting lost.

Finally, take the pressure off yourselves. You guys will be tired at the end of a long day, the romance is in spending time together and having a laugh but also do not think that some time by yourself ( a stroll on the beach is perfect!) means you’re not meant to be together.

Tale as Old as Time Afternoon Tea

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to be a part of the PANDORA Disney Jewellery collection launch in London. As with all things Disney, it was a very magical affair especially when we took a seat at the table to the “tale as old as time” afternoon tea.

Disney was a a big part of most of our childhoods and every time I get a chance to re-live that I jump head first at the opportunity. Especially if  it means I get to meet Maurice and chip.

tale as old as time afternoon tea

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The Best of London’s Street Art Part 2

It’s hard not to stop and admire street art when you’re walking the streets of London, it’s almost hard to avoid. This city expresses so much emotion and soul in it’s art, making it so hard not to fall in love.

After my first post showing some of my favourite street art pieces in London was well received I told myself I would do a few more especially since new graffiti pops up all the time. Admittedly, it has been a while but here are the latest street art that have captured my attention and awe.


A walk down one of the more notorious roads in Brixton, Somerleyton Road leads you to some captivating art with one of my favourites below, now how can you not smile?

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Best Travel Memories Of 2016

I have already given you all a sum up of what 2016 has taught me, drawing on more of the negative experiences I had, you probably learn most from them. However, I want to end the year on a high and reflect on the best travel memories this year brought me.

  1. Hot air ballooning on my 25th Birthday 

Myanmar was definitely my favourite destination of the year. The countries untouched beauty took my breath away at every stop. I think the whole saying of never travelling to the same country more than once is a nonsense. Some places just deserve a few more trips to explore, especially if they stole a piece of your heart, I will be returning!

To top it off, I finally got to tick hot air ballooning off my bucket list while soaring above the prettiest pagodas in Bagan. Pictures never do justice to the reality and the emotions a place can bring, but they do bring those emotions back and this picture tries its best.

bagan hot air balloon

2. Jazzing up in New Orleans

This picture quality is horrendous, I know. But it brings back great thoughts of us tapping our feet to talented street jazz musicians. New Orleans was my second favourite place this year with so much history flowing through it’s veins. This city is like no other in America, it has an alluring charm and the most welcoming people.

We experienced it in raw form, staying in the ninth ward outside the tourist area and even with it’s flaws displayed in broad daylight, this city is America’s true gem.


new orleans

3. Winter Wonderland in Chamonix

To end the year, my siblings and I were all reunited for Christmas with Mom and went on our first ever cold winter holiday in Chamonix.

I am usually a beach and hot weather person, but swapping this out for the majestic view of the french alps and living in a cabin with a real fireplace right next to a river and forest was so worth it. Oh and peaceful, we probably were the loudest ones around.


What were your favourite travel moments of 2016?

And what is 2017 going to bring? Only more adventures. I really want to share something new that I tried or a new place I visited every month, so here is too new experiences.

Happy New Year!



London’s Big Apple

Winter is coming, or infact it is here! It definitely isn’t just me who goes into straight hibernation and semi-depression when it gets dark at 4pm and the cold air numbs your fingers.

Thank god for music, food, alcohol and good vibes. Match that with a themed pop up venue in south London’s hip area of Brixton and you have yourself a Winter cure. Some of you might have had the chance to visit Brixton beach in the summer, this is the same venue which has been re-vamped to take you back to  1970s New York(say it in your best bronx accent). If you take a right when exiting brixton station and then the next right and wander on, you will find the run down railway bridge that invites you to the magical world of Brixton Village. Continue reading “London’s Big Apple”

Preparing for Notting hill Carnival

We are a few days away from carnival, my favourite summer activity in London. Every year promises to be a big, crazy party and this year it looks like the weather will actually be bright and dry. Although never get your hopes too high. That brings me on to a few tips for anyone going, especially the first timers. Although they do say that the best times are the ones that are not planned, with Carnival you should have some preparation to make sure you make the most of these two vibrant day in London.

  1. Be weather conscious 

UK festival clothing

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Travelling across Myanmar – The do’s, the don’ts and in betweens

Myanmar is a beautiful country that is developing at a rapid rate and if you are planning to visit I am sure you will want to see quite a few different places. Whether it is the scarce, ancient lands of Bagan, the majestic and jaw dropping Shwedagon Pagoda or the one foot standing fishermen of Inle lake, Myanmar has a whole new world to offer any type of traveller.

I had so many questions around travelling within Myanmar, could we rent a car? Was flying safe? Are the sleeper buses comfortable and scented? Especially since I get motion sickness so easily! Continue reading “Travelling across Myanmar – The do’s, the don’ts and in betweens”

6 reasons you should visit Myanmar this year

1.More and more foreigners are visiting Myanmar

Firstly, every year more and more tourists decide to travel to Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). When we went to Bagan there were a few restaurants fully filled with French and German tourist. With the recent news about the government banning tourist from climbing the temples in Bagan ( just after our visit to Bagan, phew), it just shows how much is going to change as Myanmar becomes a bigger tourist attraction. So book your flight there now before it becomes the next Thailand.

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