London – the Food Capital of the World

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The UK has always had a bit of a negative stereotype when it comes to food. They only like big breakfasts, fish and chips, and the occasional roast dinner. So it’s time to dispel that notion because according to the Evening Standard, London is a haven for foodies. In fact, they even went as far to say it’s the “most diverse and exciting food capital of the world.”

Last year Mel  wrote a blog post, ‘Summer in London’, where she explained how exciting the pub and bar culture in London really is, but this time we are going to talk about the gastronomic side of things. Like the bar scene in London there are many different types of restaurants for food lovers regardless of whatever budget has to be adhered to.


If you’re a backpacker that has just landed in London and are instantly put off by the prices of restaurants, don’t worry because the city caters for travellers on a budget. All you have to do is peruse the internet and the likelihood is you’ll find a bevvy of restaurants affordable for backpackers. In fact, Experience Transat made a list of the best five restaurants for backpackers which included the likes of Berwick Street Market, Fish in a Tie, Alounak, Honest Burgers, and Cookie’s Pie and Mash dotted around London.

London is home to some of the world’s best food markets and festivals. Every weekend there is somewhere to visit to indulge your taste buds in new experiences.


If your budget is a bit higher then London is your literal oyster when it comes to choosing a cuisine. London is a strong multicultural city and with a restaurant scene as diverse as its different cultures. Time Out recently published a list of the 100 best restaurants in London, which includes eateries from prime locations such as Mayfair, Liverpool Street, Clapham and Shoreditch among others.

Craving some Asian cuisine? London has many top restaurants that will deliver you your favourite food. For example, London Chow recommends Bugis Street Brasserie as one of the top places to get Singaporean cuisine and Mel´s favourite – Roti King.


Laksa in London

Tourists leaving London will also be glad to know that their food journey doesn’t stop at the terminal. Parking4Less which operates out of all the London airports regularly writes about developments in the aviation industry and published a blog post entitled ‘Heathrow’s Search For Perfection. The blog post documents the rise of celebrity chefs at airports including Heston Blumenthal who recently opened a restaurant in Heathrow Terminal 2. And Blumenthal isn’t on his own as other celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey also have their own restaurants in various terminals at Heathrow.

London has some of the best restaurants in the world with the world’s most famous chefs. The aforementioned celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has several restaurants in the city including his three Michelin-starred restaurant, which carries his own name. Just a stone throws away is Dinner by Heston Blumenthal offering a unique twist on British cuisine. The restaurant was placed at #45 in the world according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

When you’re in London, you’ll never be short of restaurants. Just take a peek down a street and you are sure to find one of London’s gastronomic delights.

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