The Art of Going Down South

23 paul street

How does one celebrate a year of being single? They go to a member’s only strip club to learn about the truth in orgasms and receives a few vibrating gifts.

Got your attention now I bet!

I am going to take a slightly different topic of discussion in this post, maybe some of you will hate it ( I know my younger brother will) and maybe some of you will feel like you came out of this as a new person, either way, I am going to write it. Why is there so much stigma behind sex? It is a natural thing that brought most of us here, it is basically the reason you can read this post. But what about what it can actually do to your soul and your body (if done correctly)? 

Did you know that roughly 70% of women can’t climax from sex alone and that nearly 20-30% have never even had an orgasm? Giving in to touch and exploring your primal sounds is key to not just feeling amazing but also releasing your life force.

I learnt a few of these points at an event I was invited to by sex toy company, Satsifyer, at the very classy and exclusive member’s only strip club, 23 Paul Street(pictures below). It proved that sometimes all you need is a few glasses of prosecco to start talking about intimate topics with people you have only known all of 2 minutes.

23 paul street strip club londonIMG_9829IMG_9825

We had the lovely Megwyn White, a sexual wellness educator and somatic vocal coach give us a presentation. She talked us through somatic science – the study of how emotions are mapped in the physiological connections within the body. Here are some crazy things I learnt:

  • The clitoris is not as small as you think, it extends around the vaginal canal which means it has a similar amount of erectile tissue as a man
  • The nervous system is connected to the sexual sensations, thanks to the vagus nerve.This nerve connects the brain to your visceral organs and plays a big role in orgasms. It is also tied to the muscles of your face i.e more orgasms, more facial glow
  • Some women can have an orgasm just through kissing! Touch, breath and voice are vital in grounding the vagus nerve and releasing that sensational feeling.

Pretty crazy right? I didn’t just leave feeling like I knew so much more, we also received gifts from Satsifyer including their latest new generation vibrator ( this can be bought from October). I can confirm it is pretty amazing, on top of that it is water proof and can be charged (no need to run out for batteries).  I also now have a key to the member’s only 23 Paul street!

satisfyer sexy toys

Either way, I came out of that room more comfortable to talk about sex, a topic so stigmatized yet so common and a huge part of life.  Sex – it brought us all here, it makes you happy or it can leave you traumatized but the truth is it is everywhere, so talk about it with the people around you, close or not. You can learn things or overcome things, and chances are you aren’t the only one feeling a certain way about a situation (or lack of). I’ll end with a message that Megwyn had on her slides.

” The body is an instrument of pleasure – what notes are you playing?”

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