Ghost of the Caribbean – Bahamas

Ghost ship Bahamas

Just to help you (and me) get over the wet and gloomy summer we have been gifted with in the UK, I will reminisce about my short-lived trip to the Bahamas 3 years ago. I told myself I would be back soon to float on the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. And now 3 years have flown by and I haven’t come close.

It wasn’t even planned. We were in Miami, partying it up in Play, accidentally walking into the city´s biggest Strip Club – King of Diamonds when we decided to embark on a day trip to the Bahamas with the Ferry from Fort Lauderdale ( FYI – a day trip ended up being more stressful than relaxing so I would recommend spending more time here).


We literally had 4 hours to spend in the Bahamas before having to catch our very bumpy ferry ride back for our last night in Miami – Liv on Sundays. So we made the most of it when we arrived at Freeport Grand ; indulged in Caribbean delights, laid on the white, delicate sand and took a boat trip out into the emerald painted sea.


We even had enough time to make a new friend:dog bahamas

bahamas boat

We then got introduced to Ghost – who made an appearance in the Pirates of the Caribbean. This semi-wrecked ship is docked here and is sometimes used as a tourist trap, although it makes for good pictures along the way. It also brought me a little closer to Johnny depp and Orlando!

Ghost ship Bahamas

Whilst I loved my trip to Miami and the Bahamas, it was just not long enough! And while I´m staring out the window watching people run across the street getting soaked, I am pretty damn close to booking a flight back.

Is there such thing as too much sun and beach?

On that note, I hope the rest of your Summer (or Winter) stays sunny. And if not, I hope you booked your next holiday!

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