Thomas Cook Airline’s Carnival Fiesta

london carnival

What does Carnival mean to you? If the bright colours, rhythmic beats and the tropical tastes aren’t reason enough to love Carnival then I don’t what is. Ever since I moved to the UK I have gone to Carnival almost every year, whether in Leeds or the iconic notting hill Carnival, hoping that one day I will get to experience the real deal in Rio.

Before the Thomas Cook Airlines event, which was held in Barrio East in Shoreditch, I didn’t know that Tenerife was home to the world’s second largest Carnival after Rio; ” Carnaval Santa Cruz de Tenerife” and the good news is – it is so much nearer to me and my bank won’t hate me for visiting.

The event showcased the various elements of Carnival with Samba classes from the beautiful Leny and Romero who taught us how to whine are waists. Leny made it look so easy!

samba dancers


There was a make up section which allowed you to get glamed up with bright eyeshadows, eye gems and most importantly – glitter! Can you tell by my face how concentrated I was on my new job?

Santa Cruz Carnival

130A1327 130A1408

And of course the all important Cocktail making session. I was recommended for my skills behind the bar, I think the headdress possessed magic powers as everything came so naturally – from being a make up artist to being a bartender who can samba.

Carnival 130A1557

The night was rounded up by the Sardine Piñata. As tradition during the Carnival on Ash Wednesday, a large Sardine figure is burnt to symbolize the burial of any sins of the past. However, since burning a large figure is not exactly possible in the middle of Shoreditch, a Piñata was used instead.

Either way, it was a fantastic night and TCA did a great job of showing what Tenerife has to offer apart from beautiful beaches. If you want to experience Carnival in all its glory make sure you check out the great flight offers to Tenerife on TCA.

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