Ravello, Villa Cimbrone – In the clouds with the Romans


Ever wondered what its like to float in the clouds? I imagine it is quite magical, just like Ravello, tucked on the edge of the cliffs of the Amalfi coast. I just got back from a wonderful break in Italy and when we did our tour around the Amalfi,the clouds were hovering low. Whilst I was hoping for sunny clear skies, the clouds and mist added to the charm of Ravello. This is where I imagine the roman god Jupiter roaming the cobbled streets.

Ravello infinity terrace

Villa Cimbrone is a private home as well as a hotel now. While the villa itself is a sight, the true magic is found in the garden which has 12 different sections. I am not going to name every section and rob you of experiencing this heaven yourself. But these parts were my favourite:

  1. The terrace of infinity 

When your faced with the view from this indescribable balcony, you really feel a sense of infinity. I have seen pictures of this place when the sky is clear and the ocean makes you realise how tiny you really are. However, being surrounded by clouds made it feel like I was on the edge of the world looking out into what felt like a never ending dream. I had to hold tight to the railings when taking this picture…

Ravello infinity terraceravello infinity terrace

2. The statue of Ceres 

This temples of Ceres acts as the gateway to the balcony. Ceres is the goddess of Harvest and was believed to have the power to fertilise, nourish and protect the seeds of plants and animals.IMG_0190

3. Mercury’s seat

Here you find a copy of the infamous “Hermes at rest” statue (the original is on display in the national museum in Naples). Mercury was the messenger of the gods and on the corner, beneath the old oak tree, you will see a bench inviting you to sit – welcome to Mercury’s seat.



Encrypted on the seat, a quote thought to be from the poet D.H Lawrence, although now it is known that the quote belongs to the latin poet, Catullus. D.H Lawrence allegedly sat here to inspire himself when writing, and I don’t blame him. With this view I would be inspired to be poetic too!

“Lost to a world in which I desire no part, I sit alone and commune with my heart. Pleased with my little corner of the Earth, glad that I came not sorry to depart”


The gardens are vast in this Villa, and you can easily spend about 2 hours roaming around in awe of the capturing beauty and tranquility. We were the only two here since November is off-peak on the Amalfi coast.

If you lived here, overlooking the world, would you want to leave your throne?


Either way, for 7 euros, this is definitely not to be missed on your visit and was one of my main highlights. Its not every day you get to feel equal to a god.


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