The best way to explore the Amalfi Coast

Planning your trip to the Amalfi coast can sometimes be quite stressful, especially because you want to see everything! We had 4 days in Italy and wanted to make the most of it by visiting Pompeii, Amalfi coast and Capri. It was very ambitious, but we actually did it and it all went quite smoothly. Surprisingly, most of the buses and trains we planned to get were all on time, despite the notorious stories we heard about punctuality in Italy.

We decided to base ourselves in Sorrento which lay somewhat between all our “must-sees” and if you want to avoid moving from hotel to hotel with your backpacks, I suggest you do the same thing. The trains and buses start running quite early in the morning till late at night so you get a whole day to explore. There are a few ways to get to Sorrento from Naples airport, the cheapest option is the Circumvensia train. This costs roughly 3.60euros for a Single from Naples (Go to the main Garibaldi metro station and follow the signs through the underpass to Circumvensia) and takes roughly 45mins to an hour. I read a few stories of the sketchiness of the train. And yes, I would say keep an eye on your belongings, but like anywhere in the world, stay smart and alert and you’ll be OK.

We stayed at Sorrento Apartments – great accomodation and such helpful hosts. It is also located in the heart of Sorrento, roughly a 10 minute walk from the Sorrento train and bus station and a 5 minute stroll to the port where you can catch the ferries. I would definitely recommend this if you want something clean, central and comfortable (for a reasonable price).


We considered renting a car to drive around the edged roads of the coast, thankfully I read up on how this was a horrible idea and I am so glad we decided against it. Theres a bus you can catch from the Sorrento bus station (opposite the train station) which takes you to Amalfi, stopping in Positano along the way and from Amalfi you can get further buses stopping at Ravello and Scala. Each bus trip costing 1-2 euros! You usually have to buy tickets prior to getting on the bus, and these tickets are sold in Cafes. Just ask the bus driver or any local and they will point you in the right direction. FYI – I have never met more friendlier people than in this region of Italy.

So we managed to see Amalfi, Positano and Ravello all in one long day. My favourite part of the day was without a doubt Villa Cimbrone. But each town has their own quaint character.


The Fountain “De Cape ‘E Ciucci” (The pearl of the coast).

Since 1974, this fountain has been the main point for a nativity scene with many of the characters submerged in the water.


This whole region is popular for two things – mosaic tiles and lemons. The locals explained how in the earlier days when lemons were less accessible, it was their gold and main source of income.


IMG_0205amalfiamalfiamalfi coast





If you are staying in Sorrento, I can recommend two great, authentic restaurants in the centre:

  1. Da Gigino on Via Deli Archi IMG_0340
  2. Pozzo on Via Torquato TassoIMG_0154IMG_0156IMG_0153

That just made me very hungry! Be prepared to undergo a carb and wine overload on your visit… something I am still recovering from.



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