Top 5 Tips on preventing motion sickness

Atlas Mountains

If you are cursed with the gift of feeling ill everytime you travel on the road then welcome to my world. However, I have never let this curse stop me from jumping on a bus and exploring. Whether it is through the winding roads of the Atlas mountains in Morocco, the snake path in Manchester or the narrow bends of the Amalfi coast with a steep drop next to me, I soldiered through with very near death/sickness encounters.

Dealing with this for the 24 years I have lived on this beautiful planet has allowed me to find methods that help prevent motion sickness. This is tried and tested guys!

1.Sit at the front and by the window

There is nothing worst than sitting at the back of a coach and not having full view of the scenery around you. Many people think that sitting nearer to the toilets is the more logical thing to do but if your nose detects the slightest scent of disgusting-ness, it will send your stomach into a spiraling sensation.

2. Listen to music

Just stick your earphones in and listen to music to distract you. Often, the noise of other passengers – a baby crying or someone else being sick or making disgusting noises, can trigger a nauseating feeling. Having your own music on will keep your mind on the more pleasant sounds in life.

3. Open the window and breath in

Fresh air always helps when you are sat on a bus or train infused in stagnant air. Take deep breaths and fill your body with oxygen. Keeping your body oxygenated will ensure that you go through your journey motion sickness free!

4. Avoid crowded buses and trains


Not all buses are as small and cramped as the ones you find on the Amalfi coast… but believe me when I say, I would rather miss an extremely crowded bus and wait for the next one if I know the journey is long and not involving pleasant, straight motorways. I guess this point goes hand in hand with no.3 because you will be fighting for air with all the other passengers.

5. Avoid reading ANYTHING

And that includes the comments under your latest Instagram post. Focusing on a book or your phone without allowing your brain to decipher movement causes your body to react – hence, we get motion sickness, especially so if there are many turns and bumps along the way. So rely on music or your friends conversation to keep you entertained while you actively look outside the vehicle. Let your brain know….. we’re traveling!

These are the general rules, but just like every person is different, we all have different ways of handling our body. One thing I know for sure, when you have a view like this outside your window, its easy to forget about the unpleasant feeling brewing inside you.



Author: meladela

Just a curly girl who loves to eat and travel.

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