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Growing up in Singapore I was surrounded by food and smells that I dearly miss in Europe. Luckily for me, I live in such a metropolitan city where I can find almost anything!

I always say that I should save everything I can get in Singapore for when I go back to visit, that way I really look forward to it that much more. However, I, like many others, have a few products that are on my “bring this back to England” list. I asked a few of my other fellow travel bloggers who live away from “home”( I am referring to the country you were born and grew up in), what they always take back.

My list would be way more populated if I could get away with bringing certain products without them going stale. However, I have to make due with what I can get and what I ALWAYS ask for when I have a visitor from Singapore is Ayam brand Chilli Tuna. What is Chilli Tuna? You probably only know this if you grew up in Singapore or Malaysia but take my word for it – it is the best thing ever. And because it is in a tin and preserved, it makes the best souvenir. In fact, I am waiting for my next batch right now from my dear friend!


To satisfy my sweet tooth, I always ask for Kaya. This is a coconut, egg spread that tastes absolutely fabulous on toast or pancakes.

FullSizeRender (1)

Now from Germany, I have two less spicy options that I pack along with me every time I go back to visit my Family:

  1. Paprika Wurst (Sausage) IMG_0986
  2. Maultaschen -directly translated to mouth pockets, this is the German version of Ravioli. You can eat it either by boiling it in a soup with vegetables. Or to cure a hangover, you can simply fry them and eat them like dumplings. IMG_0929

Menorca, who blogs at europediaries.com:

I am an Indian expat in Switzerland, and long for Indian food all the time! Whenever I visit my family,I always get a tonne of food products and my Mom always keeps some home-made sweets and snacks for me.Also, mango pickles..my favourite! Besides, there are some things that many Indians (including me) like getting from home, such as, coconut hair oil or almond oil too, and also, (this may sound strange) a bar to scrub clothes! Yes, detergent is available everywhere in the world, but sometimes, a bar to scrub stains comes in handy!

Jen, who blogs at www.simplyfiercely.com:

I’m originally from the States (I grew up near Baltimore, Maryland.) in 2003, I spent six months on a work exchange in the UK and one thing led to another … after travelling for several years I ended up living in Australia. I’m currently on an extended seven month honeymoon, but when I’m not travelling I’m based in Brisbane, in sunny Queensland!
The things I miss most about the States (besides my family) are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and good chicken wings! Both are hard to find down under so I always try to bring them back with me.
May, who blogs at www.redvelvetlondon.com
When I travel back to Hong Kong to see my grandparents, it’s a usual order of Pg tips and lindt chocs for my granny! It’s quite expensive there and my granny seems to like it! In return, I’m expected to bring back some herbal shizzle (legal) for my mum’s soup making. It’s very common! I always bring back some sweet treats for my colleagues and no, I don’t bring back matcha flavoured kitkats but something a little more authentic or shall we say it’s very “HK” like egg rolls and face masksb0f75d120070d6602a330c16f6092107

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