The Best of London’s Street Art

London is known for many things and while there are the glamourous things to see like the Buckingham palace and MI5 building, there is also a more artsy and expressive side of London.

Many know of Shoreditch and Brick lane – home to the hipsters and some great graffiti and artwork.

london streetart

shoreditch streetart12512062_10154509034953492_2095234797_nshoreditch streetartlondon streetartlondon streetart

My favourite piece tells quite a touching story. It is done by @cityzenkane (instagram) and he dedicated it to his son who sadly  took his own life. You can find it on Club Row just opposite to Brick lane:


Now, for the next street art gem. Not far from Waterloo station you can find the deserted tunnel that displays an extensive array of street art – and the best part? If you visit this place every other week you will find a whole new display painted over the last layer! The tunnel is also known as leak street and is about a 5 minute walk from the station. Here are some of the great pieces from this weekend:

london streetart

This portrait was done by @olivier.roubieu and it is a portrait of @zabourartist

12540477_10154509034853492_896480710_nlondon streetart12507041_10154509034773492_150909880_n12498842_10154509034918492_1703174623_n12510047_10154509523983492_1559389861_o12463595_10154509034708492_1866886316_n12511780_10154509034803492_1335428598_n12498961_10154509034748492_577280071_n12511735_10154509034893492_1150193748_n12516527_10154509034828492_1719086877_n

If you know any of the artists please let me know and I would love to include their names under each piece.

That’s what I love about this city, it is so full of life and colour and with people expressing their thoughts with spray cans.

Happy Sunday!


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