Berry Beetroot Smoothie Recipe

The benefits of beetroots are endless and I have a love/hate relationship with them. I use to hate them growing up, but as you get older your palate starts to appreciate different tastes. Take red wine for example, I could never understand why anyone would choose to drink it. Now I crave it in the evenings (although I try not to give in).

Well with beetroot I have days when I just can’t wait to devour it, then somedays I hate it. But I have found a way to keep it jazzy with this mixed berry beetroot smoothie.

Beetroot isn’t just packed with nutrients (and very good for the blood as my Grandma use to say), it is also an antioxidant ( that word always wins me over!) which happens to be very low in fat. So if you do not like the taste of it as it, then I suggest you try out this easy to make smoothie which tastes AMAZING and is bursting with not just colours but so many nutrients!

beetroot berry smoothie


  • 1 beetroot
  • 3 tbsp natural Joghurt
  • A few drops of honey
  • Handful of frozen mixed berries
  • One orange, freshly squeezed

And blend!

beetroot berry smoothie recipeFullSizeRender (6)

And if your also a huge fan of the B fresh juices, then substitute the oranges with half a bottle of that (maybe not the beetroot juice though or you’ll get over-beeted)

I discovered B Fresh last week when I was invited to an event they hosted. I am usually skeptical about bought juices because the majority of them have added sugar/preservatives and flavours. However, B Fresh is 100% made from the fruit and vegetables that are grown on their Farms in Shropshire. And thankfully you can get them in superstores soon! FYI, they are also perfect hangover cures – tried and tested ; )

Do you have any other smoothie recipes that you swear by?


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