Singaporean Old School Delights

old school delights

Everywhere you go in most developed countries, you see how children these days have no interest in playing outside and would rather immerse themselves in the virtual world. I grew up in Singapore in an old british army camp with beautiful bungalow houses and almost endless fields of green. We would have cobra snakes in our gardens (no lie) and bull frogs in our pond, competing on the loudest croak to impress the lady frogs. I would spend my free time outside with my neighbours in the longkangs (large drains) looking for guppy fish to catch or explore the “haunted” house a few streets behind us.

I can’t imagine a better childhood and I feel sorry for the children of this generation who will never have the same, real adventures because they are too busy on their iPads.

Anyway, I am drifting away from the main point of this post – Old School Delights. My friend brought me to this food house during my visit in Singapore and I loved the idea! Old School Delights offers a great menu of the favourite local dishes – Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Mee Rebus ( I had this and it was the best Mee Rebus I have had in a long time!) and Milo Dinosaurs mixed with a nostalgic blast in the past.

The real bit that makes it stand out from any other restaurant is the wooden treasure box full of games, waiting to be re-discovered by the inner child in you.Old School Delights

Most of these games are unique to Singapore, like 5 stones. Then you have the OG games like old maid and snakes and ladder, what a great way to kill time and distract your tummy while you wait.


And now the true delight, makan!

Mee rebus

This is one of my favourite almost-vegetarian dishes using sweet potato, peanuts and shrimp paste to make the sauce. Served with tofu, egg noodles and boiled eggs, I could easily have this for breakfast too.

mee rebus



Fried Chicken popcorn with a cheesy dip

fried chicken singapore


This (very unhealthy) dessert is a wild, sweet concussion of rice flour jelly, coconut milk and brown sugar.


Haw Flakes

This sweet was an all time favourite back in the day and is made from the chinese hawthorn fruit (I havn´t tried the fruit itself, infact I have never seen it before).

Haw flakessingapore food

What a delight this place is, located on Upper Thomson road. The prices are a little more than what you would get at your hawker centre, but then again, it still half the price of something I would pay in England for.

Now what are some of the old school delights that bring back memories of your childhood?

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