Mel In Myanmar – 12 things I learnt in a boat on Inle Lake

inle lake sunset
  1. Morning’s in Nyuang shwe ,a town near Inle Lake, are really chilly. To deal with this, the locals walk around with thick wool blankets around their shoulders, their version of scarves I guess.
  2. The afternoon sun however can get quite aggressive.

  1. sun burn myanmar
  2. The rivers leading to the lake are quite, lets say, mucky. But it is clean enough for the locals to use and bath in.
  3. inle lakeinle lake
  4. The fishing nets on Inle lake are coned shape and fishermen spear through them to catch the fish.
  5. There don’t seem to be many fish on the lake by the looks of the empty nets, however, there´s a whole bunch of seaweed – YUM inle lakeIMG_2295
  6. Burmese love their fresh veg and fruitIMG_2312_2IMG_2319_2inle lake
  7. The bridges around the lake are not the most stable.. inle lakeIMG_2343_2
  8. Who needs arms to paddle boats? inle lakeinle lake
  9. Houses aren´t made of bricksinle lake
  10. The locals are great at balancing themselves on the Burmese long-tail boats, however, foreigners aren´t.inle lakeinle lake
  11. The pagodas are home to monks and Buddha, but also to many catsinle lakeinle lakeinle lakeinle lake
  12. The atmosphere around Inle lake causes the sun to make more of a dramatic exit from the skyinle lakeinle lake sunsetinle lake sunsetinle lake sunsetinle lake


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