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Rye east sussex

London is a crazy ball of fun and chaos but sometimes the big city can tire you out, it sure does tire me out once in awhile. Standing outside Vauxhall station queuing amongst a sea of people trying to make my way to work. So you can’t blame me for getting excited for a weekend away with the girls, getting cosy with a few drinks by the fire (which we couldn’t work out) out in the “countryside”.

When my friend first suggested getting an airbnb in Rye, I could only think about delicious German bread. I had never heard of this town. But with pictures of the lovely accommodation we were sold. It just happened to be that Rye turned out to be just as gorgeous, double win. It is a typical coastal English town with cobbled streets and a whole lot of character, just the perfect getaway from the city life. It takes about an hour to reach by train and our airbnb was a 7 minute walk from the station.

14787469_10155211098233492_1526028989_oairbnb UK

So apart from staying in doors in the warmth and drinking alcohol with a side of lots of cheese while deciding what shower gel to use for your bubble bath, what else can you get up to in Rye?

Things to do:

1.Just Walk around

The narrow streets are pretty, the houses are old and the doors are EXTRA SMALL. I mean, I know I’m tall but does my back really have to go through all this work to get into a house? Anyway- I am always a strong believer of getting a little lost to find the best parts of any place you visit.

rye east sussex14787095_10155207882423492_1194141510_orye east sussex

2.Visit the harbour/beach

Depending where you are staying, the harbour is a walk-able distance. It took us about an hour there. The other surprise is that while the camber sands beach can be seen from the harbour, you cannot actually walk across without walking the whole route back. It’s almost like they don’t know of bridged, or maybe there is a geographical explanation (bad soil?).

rye east sussex14803202_10155207882773492_1745512553_o14808122_10155207882988492_1267727341_o14795792_10155207882448492_1715812360_o14795836_10155207882888492_162825662_orye east sussex

3.Visit the Rye castle and St.Mary’s church

For some more specific architectural point of interest, you can wander up to the Rye castle and St. Mary’s church. The castle is also known as Ypres Tower and was used as not only a home and defence ground, but also a prison with dark cells, hidden from any light.

St.Mary’s church demands every visitors attention, perched on the town’s hill. It has overcome it’s fair chair of damages with french fires (fires started by French invaders). It is now open to visitors everyday apart from Christmas day.


rye castle14800170_10155207882373492_2075268822_ost mary's church rye

4.Shop for old things

Every corner in Rye promises another antique shop with random, old things. Its funny what you find in these stores. Behind every piece you can be sure lay a story from someone else’s life.antique shop rye

5. Stumble upon mermaid road and visit the Mermaid Inn

A pretty,posh pub on a pretty, steep road. If Judi dench has been here with a picture of her face on her wall next to Joanna Lumley, then it must be pretty hip and cool. With the prettiest quaint interior and even exterior, this pub is a must visit while your out here.

Not to mention the house with two front doors and the house opposite!

14813087_10155211130978492_1756600769_othe mermaid inn rye14800336_10155211103668492_1399291399_o14787488_10155211103803492_308640637_othe mermaid inn rye

Our three days in Rye was the perfect escape to breath in some fresh non-city air and I would recommend it for either a romantic weekend or if romance and men isn’t really your thing then grab a few girls and go wild in the country.

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Just a curly girl who loves to eat and travel.

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