London Festival Guide: Wireless vs Lovebox

london festivals wireless vs lovebox

It is that time of year! Summer is coming, time to prepare to shake that bootaye..

Summer in London is constant crowded pubs, picnics, rooftop drinking, festivals and then of course, London Carnival. We may not have good weather, but we sure know how to party and make the most of our 5 days of sunshine.

Now most of you are probably planning for the summer already and one of the big hot topics is which festivals to go too. Why are festivals so great? You pay the same amount of money that you would for a concert but instead you get to see more acts, party outdoors for the whole day and there usually is more space to move around!

I am always torn between Wireless and Lovebox so this year, I am just going to do both ( we went to Parklife in Manchester last year and I am NEVER doing that again – horrible crowd, horrible infrastructure and horrible weather). But if you are trying to decide for just one then here is a quick comparison that could help you.

Music Hip-hop/Rap/Trap/Grime House/alternative/indie and a little bit of hip-hop
Price £130 for a two day ticket £90 for a two day ticket
Main Acts Bigger international actsChance the Rapper
Bryson Tiller
The Weekend
Tory Lanez
Smaller, less mainstream acts

Frank Ocean
Chase & Status
Annie Mac

Facilities More stages, good food options, great side parties Good food options, great side parties
Locations North London (Finsbury Park) East London (Victoria Park)
Crowd More Urban/Street, slightly younger Quite a mix and slightly more mature


If you still can’t decide, perhaps you need to hit both up? They are on consecutive weekends so it is possible 😉

Here are also a few more pointers to bear in mind when you are getting ready for a  festival:

  1. Bring a rain coat – It’s England, so lets be realistic and not too hopeful. An umbrella is a festival’s worst nightmare because you just hit people and block their view.. do not be that person
  2. Wear shoes that can get dirty – because trust me, they will.
  3. Avoid jumpsuits and playsuits – yes they look pretty, but when you have to go to one of the mobile toilets you will regret everything about your life.
  4. Make use of a hip-flask ( hide it on you and you save some money on alcohol )
  5. Festivals last a whole day so pace yourself.. you do not want to wake up the next day and not remember any performance.

Let the countdown begin

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