The Donkey Sanctuary

I have been wanting to write about this beautiful charity for awhile now and today I finally got to visit and understand more about what they do, not just for the donkeys but for the kids and adults in therapy.

the donkey sanctuary

the donkey sanctuary17121917_10155622058253492_842754047_o

Many of these donkeys were rescued whether they were neglected or badly treated, they were all slightly damaged. The beauty is these same damaged donkeys play a huge role in the assisted therapy to children with a range of disabilities or special needs. The donkeys seem to have a natural nurturing care towards these children, even as I was stood there, the donkeys gravitated towards the child next to me as if they could just sense his innocence to the world.

the donkey sanctuarythe donkey sanctuary

The assisted therapy helps with the confidence and self-esteem of the children and adults they work with. It is quite extraordinary to hear about how both the donkeys and people connect just through their experiences or abilities  which marked them as different or damaged. Yet here,  they are whole.

the donkey sanctuarythe donkey sanctuary

For more information on the charity or how you can get involved or adopt one of these donkeys, please visit the Donkey Sanctuary.

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