Vegas Pool Party Outfits – The Party Guide

las vegas pool party

Sin city, everyone has to experience it at least once in their lifetime. Its like no other place in the world, the 24/7 parties and non-stop turn ups really shows you what your body is capable off. I never thought I would be able to party all night without any sleep and then do a day trip to the Grand Canyon in scorching heat. Sleep forgets you and your body runs on the energy of good vibes.

By the end of your trip, your soul will have left your body because it just couldn’t cope and for a few weeks after you will probably not be able to look at alcohol again (if you did your trip the right way).

Some of Vegas’s biggest parties happen during the day by the pool side and there are some that are simply a must. I’ll list them here for you with details and just know that I am envious for anyone going this year! Most of the day clubs open by mid-march however, the real season starts from May and I would recommend going then for great parties and performing acts without the excruciating desert heat.

Here are the main pool parties that we attended that I can recommend:


las vegas pool party

Encore beach club is a part of the Encore hotel(Wynn nightlife) and the beach parties usually take place during the Weekend starting on Friday’s. Music varies from commercial to house and with the right promoter for a group of ladies you can get a large sofa sun bed area with drinks. In instances like these, you usually just have to tip the waitress (about $50-$60 per person which is completely worth it for entrance, the bed/table and drinks – some people pay that just for the entrance fee!).

Wet Republic

wet republicwet republic

Wet republic,pool parties, located at MGM Grand, usually take place on Monday’s and Thursday’s. It is slightly harder to get tables/pool beds here without paying but promoters can get you on the guest list for free entry. Opt in for a bucket cocktail at £32 and dance the day away beside the pool. Some people actually got into the pool here, although they were mostly men as the woman stayed out protecting their make-up and hair – including me.



I saved the best for last here with Drai’s, the beach club is located in the Cromwell hotel and is hip hop heaven. With Chris brown as one of their famous resident and live shows by acts like Nelly, Big Sean and T.I (who we got to see), this pool party topped it for me. On top of that they are the few beach clubs offering a night pool party, with a panoramic view of the strip.

17149131_10155621376978492_1528216163_olas vegas bellagio fountain


So the next question – what do you actually wear to a Vegas pool party?

I am going to focus on you ladies here, because let’s face it, men have it easy. While a pool party involves a pool, not many people actually enter the pool. However, you do wear beachwear – I know it doesn’t make sense entirely but there is a nice feeling of wearing heels with a swim suit covered by a kaftan or maxi-skirt.

In terms of shoes, flip flops are a NO NO. In some of the more dressier pool parties like the Drai’s night party you can expect to find people wearing heels with their beach outfits, but dressy sandals are also acceptable – probably much more comfortable too.

How do you find a promoter?

Twitter/Instagram are the best places to start and search hashtags like #vegaspromoter, there are plenty! Let me pre-warn you, Vegas is probably one of the most superficial places you will encounter and if you want a free table/drinks you have to look the part. The promoters usually even ask for pictures! You also have to be a group of girls, one man in your group will take you all down and you will end up having to pay, first world problems right?  Tables usually start at $6K depending on the club and event.

Another tip, it is worth having 2 to 3 promoters as each will be able to hook you up for different parties. However, try to avoid any promoter drama where you’ve given your names to different promoters for the same night – because if they find out you could end up on their black list…. we just barely escaped it.

Any other tips?

  • Uber eveywhere, it is so much cheaper than normal taxi’s and you get away without tipping.
  • Do not underestimate the strip. I cannot tell you the amount of times we set out to walk back to our hotel (both drunk and sober) and ended up flagging a taxi because it just took too long.

If any of you are about to make you way to Vegas… I wish you good luck and a lot of fun!

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