When in Dubai… Have A Private Yacht Party

dubai yacht party

If you are looking for a cultural getaway then Dubai probably isn’t your ideal destination. Apart from the Dubai dessert and old souks, the rest of the city is a modern concrete jungle. However, if you want to party all night in extravagant surroundings then this will be your dream. Dubai reminded me of Las Vegas, just with a little more class and less drunken behaviour in public.

I am planning to do a separate post on a Dubai party guide, similar to the one I put together for Vegas pool parties. However, for today, I wanted to share an amazing tip to take your trip to Dubai to another level without having to spend the big bucks. 

The attraction to Dubai isn’t just the tall buildings and city lifestyle but what differentiates it is the hot weather all year round and beaches in close proximity. The Dubai Marina is also an attraction boasting luxurious yachts. The good news is you don’t actually have to be a millionaire or prince to be able to afford a private yacht party.

For 600 Dihrams (roughly £125) and hour you get a exclusive use of a yacht that fits up to 10 people – so go out and round up those friends! 2 hours gives you enough time to have Yacht around the palm and if you time it right, you will get to see the sunset too which is roughly at 6:15pm.  The Yacht obviously comes with a driver ( you aren’t expected to sail anything) and you get to bring your own booze and snacks – just be aware to hide this when you are going through Dubai as it is illegal to actually have alcohol without a licence. It also impossible to buy alcohol without a license so your best bet is duty free.

The second best bit? You can connect your phone via bluetooth and play your own songs! I always find myself to be the best DJ 🙂

dubai yacht partyIMG_1793IMG_1839IMG_1867IMG_1869IMG_1852IMG_1915IMG_1976IMG_1960IMG_1956IMG_1920IMG_1978

So if you want your own private yacht party then head down to the Marina bay and you will find reps for Diamond yachts. You do need your ID and a deposit to book  the yacht but depending on availability this can also be done on the day.

Now go forth and be luxurious!


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4 thoughts on “When in Dubai… Have A Private Yacht Party”

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Dubai! I am a fan of extravagant outings when I travel so I would totally do this if I ever went, thanks for sharing! 🙂


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