Bottomless Brunchin in London

bottomless brunch in London

Now we all know I am a big fan of boozy brunches and I have decided to live by the motto of going to brunch (boozy brunch ahem) at least once a month. There are so many options that have been popping up recently so it would be rude not to try them…. all. At the same time, I still need to restrict myself as I am cutting down my alcohol intake in hopes to get closer to my body goals.

In this post I’ll sum up a few of the great boozy brunch options in London right now that you should put in your diary and then I’ll do a series of “Boozy Brunch with Mel” where I’ll rate everything in terms of price, quality and taste of food, healthy food options, service and how great the drink options are along with the refill rate.

Every boozy brunch adventure ends with a story to tell, whether it is a story you regret or one that you cannot stop laughing about, or one you simply can’t remember or forget.

So why is bottomless brunch really that great? Well first of all it combines two of the most amazing things – food and alcohol. Then it also brings out the competitive side of things – how many glasses can you drink in 2 hours? And if you want to take it to the next level – how much time can you get extended to your bottomless limit?

And to top it off, you’ll probably be in bed by 11pm questioning life and the hangover you already have but you will wake up the next day feeling OK. Actually, I take the back I have suffered the last few times of brunching, simply because I just get too excited when I am under pressure to drink as much as I can in a limited amount of time. I just cannot seem to be a sophisticated, controlled drinker.

Well lets get down to it, here is your go to, one stop guide to some of the current london brunch offers. On this list you will find places I have already been to and places I have gotten booked in for the next few months….. lets brunch!

Spanish/Mexican style


Cost: £25 for 3 tapas and unlimited Cava from Barcelona

Refill rate: 10/10

Food: Taste amazing however, I was not full after 3 tapas dishes – there is the option to add a few more for abit 4£ per tapas. I can definitely recommend the black squid inc rice, meatballs and tortilla.

Drink: Great Cava from Barcelona that cannot be found in stores here.

Cantina Laredo

cantina laredo

Cost: £30 for 4 courses and £20 for free flow alcohol

Refill rate: 9/10

Food: Modern Mexican cuisine, the food tastes great and is real value for money. Pictured above in not great quality (I blame the bottomless drinks….) is the steak taco with corn taco – the best dish on the menu!

Drink: This place gives you 2 more cocktail options then the usual prossecco and bellini’s

American Style 

Big Easy

Cost: £29.50

Refill rate: 6.5/10 – all chains are usually quite busy so if you drink fast, you might need to get your waiter’s attention for a refill.

Food: Southern american style barbecue and seafood, you just cannot go wrong with it. Not to mention the BBQ is unlimited too.

Drink: Prosecco, frozen mojito’s (this is pretty frozen with not a lot of rum) and house wine.

Asian infusion 

Ping Pong £38 for unlimited dim sums and bottomless lychee bellinis

House of Ho £37.50 for vietnamese 3 course meal and unlimited bubbles


roka bottomless brunch

Cost: £42 with a timeout voucher (keep a look out on these) and £49-£69 without

Refill rate: 8/10

Food: Japanese. The steak is amazing and starters are good too, although I am not the biggest fan of sashimi, but that’s personal taste.

Drink: Bellini as a welcome drink then refills of prosecco or wine

Mr Bao £16 added for bottomless drinks with brunch style bao’s

Flesh and Buns £35 for two small korean dishes, 1 main and unlimited prosecco/sake


New Street Grill £35 for two courses and unlimited bubbles

One Canada Square


one canada square brunch

Cost: £40 for two courses and unlimited bubbles

Refill rate: 7/10 – there were a few times we had to ask for refills, this was a year ago though so perhaps they have improved on the service.

Food: The food is really good and worth the money. I was boring and had the burger but it was a really good one 😉

Drink:Prosecco, Mimosa’s,wine and bloody mary’s.


oxbo hilton weekend brunch

Cost: £42 4 course brunch with bubbles

Refill rate: 8/10

Food: You start of with an extensive salad bar, then you get the egg and waffle station (my favourite) – both of these are buffet style and unlimited. Then you get the main and end off with buffet style desert. This brunch so far offers you the most food, however I wasn’t too impressed with the main. The fish did not taste great but the ravioli and duck were good. It is worth noting that you get live music at certain times too!

Drink: Prosecco

I will be adding more details on the other brunch places I have yet to visit, but here is my list on where I have been and want to go. Let me know if you know any other great bottomless brunch spots in London and I want to hear your crazy brunch stories!

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