Boozy Brunchin – Igloo’s in London

igloo london

Happy Hump Day!

Winter is here, and so is the cold crip air and annoying silky rain. My friends know that I am largely affected by the weather, like my hair, the rain makes my mood go frizzy and dull and I begin to trade in my long summer nights out and about with movie nights in with a meal and glass of wine. However, with Christmas nearby my social calendar has started to fill up again.

I do not have a single evening free from Wednesday to Sundays for the rest of the year – this is giving me somewhat anxiety especially since I also only have three weeks left until I travel back home to Singapore and have my lovely (also very judgemental) father greet me with the usual “have you put on weight mel” phrase. I swear he does this even when I’ve lost weight (parents hey).

Anyway, over the weekend the girls and I went for a bottomless brunch at the sipping room. It was our little treat to IJ who hosted us in New York City  and is now living back in London and what better way to have a post New York celebration than to booze away with some fried chicken and waffle?

brunch londonIMG_2798

I definitely have to recommend a visit to the Sipping room in Canary Wharf, especially right now while they have these cosy igloos out as they won’t be there forever! It is one of my current favourite bottomless brunch’s in London. While the weather was ****, it was actually perfect for this brunch as we sat in our igoo with an electric fireplace, hot water bottles and blankets. On top of that the rain drops synchronized to play a peaceful harmony. While I really am more of a summer person, I must admit I love the winter’s mainly for being able to snuggle up next to a fire.

bottomless brunch londonIMG_2750

For £30 you get a starter (the squid was amazing!), a main ( GET THE CHICKEN AND WAFFLE – it was almost as good as the one we had in Harlem) and unlimited Bellini’s, bloody mary’s or grapefruit martini’s – if you aren’t a fan of bitter drinks stay away from the martini, I wasn’t a fan.

The refill rate was a good 8/10, there were a few times we had to ask for a top up and look around but they always came quickly, despite having to bring the drinks outside. What adds to the atmosphere are the pretty lights of Canary wharf, and in the evening the candle’s glow through each Igloo.

canary wharf brunchIMG_2800

It is a really valuable option of sitting in an igloo without having to pay the crazy prices that you do for reserving an igloo in Southwark. Shoutout to JJ for recommending this little gem 🙂

Happy Brunchin!

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