Guest Post – Unforgettable Cycling Experiences from Across the World


Cycling isn’t just an amazing way of keeping fit, it’s also a fantastic means of getting out and seeing more of the world while you are travelling. Specialist bike tours and routes have been set up with that very purpose in mind – spanning the length of the globe. Here are some of the best routes that I have travelled or would love to add to my bucket list!


  1. Lake Country – England


The idyllic British image of luscious green fields and hill peaks which soar into the clouds doesn’t really represent the country all that accurately as a whole. However, in an area of natural beauty like the Lake Country, the opposite is true.

Beautiful shades of crisp emerald foliage serve to perfectly complement cool and tranquil blue waters. It’s not difficult to imagine why cycling has become such a popular pastime here. The region has even developed its own new brand of cycle-specific culture, with the LCBG (Lake Country Bicycle Group) catering to all levels of cycling ability.


  1. Nga Haerenga – New Zealand

The entirety of New Zealand offers spectacular cycling opportunities for locals and visitors alike, with a country littered with coastline providing one breath-taking sight after another. In a nation which likes to stay active, it’s perhaps no surprise the use of a bike has become so popular.

Such is the continued championing of this form of sight-seeing exercise, a new scheme called the Nga Haerenga is being developed to boost the biking experience. This will see as much 1,500 miles of track combined together, in an attempt to unite all the great cycle routes of the nation.


  1. Wildlife Tour – Sri Lanka

For an immersive experience which sees you travel alongside wild beasts, taking a cycling tour of Sri Lanka is definitely an option worth considering. Vast nature reserves lend themselves to exploration – and that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do, on cycle tracks which have been crafted through their very heart.

Some of the best spots to witness of the journey, with some of the top destinations including:


  • The old ruined city of Polonnaruwa
  • Hunting for leopards and elephants in the Yala National Park
  • The teas estates at Nurawa Eliya

Be wary though; the climate in Sri Lanka is incredibly hot, so it might be worth investing in a lot of bottled water.


  1. Petra Cycle – Jordan

 It’s not every day you get to witness the awe-inspiring ancient sights of places like Petra – and it’s even rarer you get to cycle alongside these monuments of historical significance. That’s exactly what you’ll be offered when you ride from the Crusader Castle of Shobak to the iconic monument.

There are a number of mind-blowing spots to take in on this route, with some of them including:


  • The Dead Sea
  • Wadi Rum Desert Camp
  • Madaba and Mount Nebo


The “Rose Red City” of Petra is one of the most iconic spots in the modern world, so why not tackle it a little differently on board a bike? With 90m cliffs and bright red architecture which spans out for miles, the spot was made a UNESCO world heritage site just 40 years ago, in 1978.  This relatively “modern” discovering means the area isn’t overrun with tourists.

Have any of these cycling experiences inspired you for the future or have you ever cycled one of these routes? Hope on your bike and shoot off to one of these fantastic destinations for your next excursion 🙂

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