A Pretty Irish Country Wedding

kilkenny castle

So it’s nearly October, the summer months are over. Does anyone else feel like it lasted about a week? As if it was 2 months ago that I made my first visit to Ireland! It is so crazy how sometimes you focus so much on travelling to some exotic destination faraway when you have something beautiful an hour’s flight across the waters.

So my friend’s wedding was the perfect excuse to fly to Dublin and drive up to Tipperary. The weather – meh, the country views – wow! I would love to do an actual road trip through this magnificent country. The wedding reception took place at a quaint and picturesque country Victorian estate, Kilshane house, which is slightly off the beaten track. (Side note: the joke of the trip was that the wife was searching for ways to kill her husband, named Shane, when she came across this charming place)

kilshane house tipperaryIMG_9196

Just note that you cannot park horses at the entrance, if you choose this mode of transportation.


The house is surrounded by acres of land, it is quite a drive even getting to it from the gates. I took a morning stroll after my peaceful, uninterrupted sleep to say hi to Kilshane’s residents:


Further down towards the entrance gates I found the pretty lake with a boat waiting to be sat in. However, it was not meant to be as the boat was filled with water, and I didn’t fancy a wet bum.


And because I didn’t get to float on the calm waters of the lake, I decided to find peace that morning at the Sacred Garden of Meditation by just randomly following a hidden pathway..

kilshane houseIMG_9206IMG_9208

The house is a pretty escape if you are trying to getaway from everyday life however, it comes at a price with rooms ranging from 80 – 140 euros a night.

It definitely made for a relaxing experience while the poor bride to be was running around finalizing the last few bits before her big day. I didn’t get the chance to do a lot of sightseeing but I have heard that Tipperary has a lot to offer outside of the pretty landscapes.

The wedding itself was a magical affair. With the bride’s family flying in from Singapore and his family and friends mainly driving down from Kilkenny, it was the modern day east meets west occasion. One of the main things in common? There was a lot of drinking and dancing. I havn’t found a place in the world yet that doesn’t bring people together with a drink (alcoholic or not) in one hand and your feet moving to the rhythm of the beat.

So that was my wedding get away of this year – next year’s wedding takes me a little further away to Jamaica so stay tuned for that….. (PS. this is all just adding pressure for when I plan my wedding day, or when I even find a man)



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