Curly Hair Confessions

*Disclaimer: This post talks a lot about hair so please avoid scrolling down if you have hair phobia (Chaetophobia)

curly hair

Your hair is your identity – and it took me awhile to really appreciate this thick, curly mane. Growing up in Singapore, the humidity did me no favours and I was a walking fur ball –  no joke.

I have gone through various treatments, majority of which have left my hair damaged; rebonding ( a typical chemical treatment used in asia to straighten your hair), relaxing ( actually ideal for thick afro hair) and every hair mask/serum under the sun.

I just wanted straight, silky hair and could not appreciate what I had. It wasn’t until I came to the UK 10 years ago that I was introduced to the Olive oil line. Although this product is advertised for afro-carribbean hair, it helped me keep my curls defined.

With the olive oil moisturizing cream, you just have to apply a small amount, that fills the center of your palm, on your hair after you have washed and towel dried it. Rub it with both hands and literally crush it into a fistful of hair, starting from your ends up. Be careful not to apply to much as it tends to get too greasy if you do.

So there, that was it, my hair hero.

If only life was that simple…

I wanted to dye my hair and this led to another moment of downfall. My hair became dry again with a Hagrid-like shape (You know, the big dude from Harry Potter?) and I had to part ways with my olive oil savior, because it just wasn’t saving me anymore. So there I was, questioning why I just didn’t have JLO’s bank account and great figure. I had to let my natural hair grow out to get rid of the after effects of the dyed hair, but even then, it just never regained the same moisture and bounce that it use to have.

When you find yourself hating JLO and not seeing the glow in you it is always a sign that you need to go to the hairdressers, immediately! Now here is where it gets tricky,

it is probably just as hard finding the right hairdresser for your hair as it is finding the right product, or man.

Mine was all the way in Sheffield and she was amazing but it was just too far away from London. A few years passed and my hair was just doing what it did, minding it’s own business and a few months ago I decided I needed a change just before the summer. I needed that glow, something that shouted – IM HERE. That’s when I met my new hairdresser, Kyko, an incredible gem from Brazil, not only did he get rid of all my split ends and give my hair some shape, he also cut all my jealousy for JLO away when he told me my hair was better than her’s because it was all real (burn). Oh and, he gave me Balayage highlights, without bleach. I was loving life, but my hair still wasn’t as vibrant and soft as what I’ve seen it can be.

Then came the miracle worker, and let me just say that I wasn’t asked to write this nor am I being paid, I am just so in love with this product that I think the whole world should know of this beauty- Everyone’s life is better with good hair right? And I would rather walk down the street looking at fabulous curls then frizzy ones so we all benefit here. Ready?


mixed race curly hair care

So there is my Instagram “pose with product” picture. Introducing….. Cantu.  This new product line has done wonders for me and I really hope it does the same for you, it really works well for thin wavy to curly hair types. Not every product works for everyone, just like not every man is every girl’s type but life is one big experiment.

I am currently using the Cantu leave in conditioner and the moisturizing lock and twist gel paired with the curl activator cream and this combination leave’s my hair fleeky (is that still the in thing to say?).


The leave in conditioner can be used in two ways, as an overnight hair mask once a week that you wash out the next morning, or you can even use it after you’ve washed your hair to give you a moisturized look. For the latter, all you need do is dip three fingers in and scoop the product and spread it through your hair immediately after washing it (towel dry it slightly first). Then leave your hair to dry slightly, or use a hairdryer. While your hair is still damp apply the curl activator by scrunching the product in from your ends upwards.

cantu hair

Finally, to round off, apply the twist and lock gel, twisting chunks of your hair around your finger. I get the best results when I let my hair dry naturally in braids for a couple hours but I appreciate, we don’t always have that much down time.

While I am so much more content with the healthiness of my hair at the moment, I am always looking for ways to bring it to the next level. I am going to get it cut more often, as there is nothing more damaging than split ends that eat into your hair.

I really want to hear your thoughts about any other treatments or products that you swear by for curly/wavy hair 🙂

Have a great start to the week!







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