7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Visit Slovenia This Year


Slovenia, Slovenia… this country has become a more mentioned place amongst travellers then ever before. So with all the hype, I had to go see for myself why everyone loved this place. What is so great? I just don’t get it…..

slovenia alcohol

  1. The alcohol is too cheap

There’s always that snobbish though telling you that cheap alcohol taste shit. So you should really avoid going to Slovenia to be tempted by great tasting prosecco for only £3.

2.Slovenians don’t actually like Melaina Trump

How dare they not have any love or respect towards the first lady…..

  1. The unspoilt landscapes are so hard to get too

Where is the fun in seeing waterfalls in Slovenia if you have to make such an effort to get to them, looking at clear water majestically falling from above isn’t worth the struggle through untouched forests to get there.

slovenia waterfallIMG_8838

  1. It isn’t touristy enough

There just aren’t enough tourists in Slovenia – it’s culture still resonates on the vibrant streets of Ljubljana.

  1. It has too much history

Slovenia existed after the disintegration of former Yugoslavia in 1991 but as a country it has withstood a lot, their war of independence that year and their involvement in world war 2 and their territory belonging to several different empires like the Romans…. who is interested in that sorta stuff?


  1. The sun shines too much and the water is way too clear.

I mean who likes clear blue skies and the silky touch of the sun on your skin? And the thought of being able to look through pure glistening streams makes me shudder.


7.The bus drivers are too good looking

Maybe I was lucky this trip but three out of three times each bus driver of the local buses was a young, handsome man with sleek hair combed back… coincidence? As if we need any other reason not to take public transport.

Now there are 7 reasons not to go, so when are you booking your trip?

Author: meladela

Just a curly girl who loves to eat and travel.

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