Self-Love On Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s!

The ones reading this probably aren’t going on a date tonight with that special someone or do not have a special someone. But guess what, grab a glass of wine and watch some shit tv (after you read this) and before you know it Valentine’s will be over ;p

The truth is, I use to get really excited for Valentine’s day. It was the one day my ex would get me a huge bouquet of flowers, and while we will never admit it, flowers always lift a girl’s spirits. Not just because their pretty, but because you get jealous stares from everyone else without them. But this year, I am celebrating Melentine and I am loving myself. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the love of their life stare back at them in the mirror reflection every morning, so here’s to embracing you.

But my main point of this post is to lift anyone who is feeling down. If you have been dating someone and they didn’t ask you on a date tonight, does that really mean they don’t value you or they have someone else and you’re the side dish? No.

The society we live in has made Valentine’s day such a lover’s tale that it has become a romantic gesture to give flower’s or chocolates and spend time on the 14th of February. But let me tell you from experience, someone can shower you with gifts and love on one day but then cheat on you or bring bad vibes for the other 364 days of the year. The hypocrisy lives in religion too where church goers head to church on a Sunday to pray and be holy but lie and steal from Monday to Saturday – what is the point?

It is all a big scam.

People will always post the best and happiest version of their lives and their relationships on social media, it can sometimes even be fake. That is what Valentine’s day can also be, the best version of an ideal relationship. Now I am not hating on anyone receiving flowers or going out tonight, I hope you enjoy it and have an amazing time. However, I also hope that you get this treatment all year round and not on one day. I hope he buys you flower’s when you’re having a bad day or you randomly give him a meaningful gift because it reminded you of him.

But above everything else, I hope no one feels like they are not good enough for someone else, all because of one stupid day and I hope you don’t think less of him because he didn’t make a grand gesture today.

I hope that this Valentine’s you remember that nothing is more powerful than love. Self love, love for your family and love for your other half, any form of love.

And do not let anyone dictate what day that love has to be shown publicly for everyone else to see.



Author: meladela

Just a curly girl who loves to eat and travel.

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