Natural Skincare Must Haves

Natural skincare

I have never had horrible skin, the occasional spot here and there when I am stressed or about to come on, however, I do suffer from dry skin and blemishes. There are so many skin care products out there, and if you really want something good for you then you have to be prepared to spend the big bucks right? Wrong.

Well maybe half wrong. I am strong believer that mother nature has the answer to many things. When I’m ill I stay away from medicine and have honey, lemon and ginger tea. I also notice that what I put into my body is what comes out of my skin so if I have had a naughty weekend filled with sugary foods and dairy, then I will no doubt wake up with mount Kinabalu on my forehead.

There are a few natural products and ingredients that I have used as my main skin care products that have really had a great impact on my skin’s dryness and appearance and you can easily afford them and introduce them into your every day skin care routine.

  1. Black African Soap

black african soap

At £2 a bar from Amazon, this is probably the cheapest soap I have bought that also doubles up as a daily face wash. Black soap usually incorporates shea butter, palm ash, tamarind extract, aloe vera and many other vitamins. It is said to also help with eczema. I use this once in the morning and before I go to bed, leaving it on for a little bit to feel that tingle and allow the skin to absorb it before washing it off.

      2.Unrefined Shea Butter

unrefined shea butterPrior to this, I was always using cocoa butter however, I felt that while it did moisturise my skin, it never lasting long. A few hours later my skin was feeling dehydrated again. With Shea butter, you can play around with it in different form. I tend to just scrape off a bit from the hard block and rub it between my hands. The warmth from your skin then melts it so that it can be spread across your body. Alternatively, you can heat it up in the microwave and use it in its liquid form as a face mask or oil. The reason I bought it unrefined is because I have tried several other moisturises with shea butter and again, it just felt artificial on the skin. With the unrefined shea butter my skin stay soft and smooth for ages, the combination after a shower with black soap is perfect too.

      3.Vitamin E oil

natural skincare productsVitamin E oil is said to have many benefits for your skin especially with keeping that youthful look. I have only started using this before bedtime so I will have to update on  it’s impact on my 27 year old face however, either way vitamins can only be great for you!


turmeric face maskEver since I started drinking turmeric with milk, ginger, black pepper and honey when I have a cold, I have become obsessed with the health benefits of this spice. I read that there are several face masks you can make at home using turmeric and I tried one with honey, lemon juice and some flour. Be slightly careful with turmeric though as it easily stains. This mask is more effective if you have an inflamed spot or any scars that you wan’t to target due to the antioxidants present in turmeric.

I would love to hear about any other natural ingredients or products you use that have worked! 🙂



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