What Love Island Teaches You About Real Life

So, if you are part of the roughly 3.5 million people watching Love island the past week, I am sure you have a lot of thoughts and rage running through your blood. Watching what some of us go through in a few months, in just a week can bring about a whirlwind of emotions.

I hate to admit that I plan my summer days so that on most weeknights I am comfortably sat in my pyjamas in front of the TV ready for a 9pm kick-off, it is tragically exciting. But while some may see it as a waste of an hour of your life each day, I like to multi-task while I am watching it, doing my nails or my hair while I’m sat glued on the sofa makes me feel less guilty for my indulgence. I also like to think that I learn some valuable life lessons from Love Island, so much so I am writing a blog post on it……. What have you come to Mel.

1.You will lose a man the same way you got him

Rosie felt so smug when Adam chose her and so easily dumped Kendall, and then turns into an emotional rollercoaster when Zara comes in and ….shock, Adam dumps Rosie and then “falls” for Zara and then gets over her in a day. This is a way to determine lust over love.

2. Sometimes, women really do have irrational arguments

Samira, Samira, just when I thought you were the rational, level headed one on the show, you go and have that weird discussion with Alex. It made me wonder if we always seem this crazy LoL

3. Never trust the nice guy

Wes and Laura had everything going so smoothly and he seemed so into her, even claiming he was “falling for her” after a few days (clingyyy), but then the minute a younger blonde bombshell walks in, he gets distracted and says he wants to get to know her.

And then the minute Megan becomes single and tells Wes she likes him, he suddenly has all these issues with being with Laura….. Coincidence?

4. Some girls still don’t understand the girl code

Obviously, rules slightly change when you are stuck in a villa with single people and meant to find “the one” in 2 months, however, it is no wonder Megan has no girlfriends in the real world with the way she goes about things. There really are girls like this outside of the love island Villa, I have met them first hand. They are selfish, disrespectful little things that don’t think a man is off boundaries if he is with someone else.

5. Loyalty is hard to find

We all felt the heartache for Georgia as we watched Josh put his eggs in Kaz’s baskets, but the hardest thing to watch was her standing up alone, choosing to be with Josh while she had other options, while he walked in with another girl…. The problem is in the real world, someone can make you feel like they are so happy to be with you and are obsessed with you and would never hurt you, but when it comes down to it, that can all change in a second. This is something I had to learn myself too .

6. Life goes on

The most important lesson that you can takeaway from this very shallow, very addictive programme is that even after heartache and feeling disrespected, life goes on. The right one is still out there and you might meet him when he walks into a villa, or in real life when you walk into some bar.

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Just a curly girl who loves to eat and travel.

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