Indian Clay Mask – A Myth Or Miracle?

Hello my peeps – So its been 10 weeks since I’ve been in lockdown and social distancing and I’ve been keeping busy with a) video content b) trialling new things with my hair and my skin!

An interesting one that I had to share was the multi-purpose use I found my indian healing clay to have. Most of you would have heard of this mask on your face, it’s all the rave these days, and I for one love it. It is said that the clay absorbs oils and bacteria from the skin and this is removed when washing it off. The same theory is true for using this mask on your hair.

You have to mix it with water and apple cider vinegar. Let’s talk about apple cider vinegar for a moment, this ingredient is the real MVP. This ingredient came into my life after I found out I had a yeast intolerance, and guess what balsamic vinegar uses yeast in processing. So I found out that apple cider vinegar was the safer alternative. In turns out it’s a lot more than an alternative to my salad dressings.

Apple cider vinegar helps to balance your scalp, skin and hair PH levels and is great for combating dry scalp. Watch the video below on how I use apple cider vinegar as a cleansing shampoo!

You can also drink apple cider vinegar with hot water, it helps bloating, aids in weight loss and help lower blood sugar levels. I sometimes add apple cider vinegar into my hot lemon,ginger and honey drink so it doesn’t overpower the flavour.

When using this on your hair, mix the indian clay with apple cider vinegar, water and olive oil (or any other essential oil) as instructed on the video and apply it on damp hair. Leave it for roughly 25 to 30minutes, your hair will start to feel really hard and dry but fear not, once you’re in the shower the mask washes off easily.

The results? My curls felt slightly less moisturised but I didn’t add the oil and damp and detangle my hair before. My curls however, were more coily and clumpy which I really loved and they held longer than usual so I will definitely be adding this to my routine.

Let me know what your experience was!


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