Capri – Paradise on earth

There is an isle, kissed by a smiling sea,
Where all sweet confluents meet: a thing of heaven,
A spent aërolite, that well may be
The missing sister of the starry Seven.           –   Alfred Austin

We spent a full day in Capri, although I regret not spending more time here. I plan to come back to this beautiful island in the summer and explore the blue grotto and sail out to sea.

The island itself has plenty to offer. You can start by taking their adorabley tiny buses to Anacapri and work your way down to the main Piazza. We were told by a local that the ride to Anacapri, higher up on the island’s cliffs, would take an hour. However, it took us just about 30 minutes. Maybe the time moves slower on this island, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Anacapri is the less busy part of this picturesque place but there is still a lot to see. We went to the Church of San Michele, in the historic centre of Capri, to walk into something more spectacular than we expected. Unlike the usual majestic work on the ceiling of a church, here you could see painted tiles of wonder.

church of san MichelIMG_0589IMG_0584

The hand-painted tiles are suppose to depict paradise on earth in the garden of Eden and they were created by Leonardo Chiaiese – a popular ceramic artist from Naples.

Capri Church of San Michele

While in Capri, give yourself some time to just wonder around the narrow alleyways and get lost. It’s so small you are bound to find your way back


Ceramic artwork is seen everywhere. Even the stairs and benches have a way of looking pretty.


You’ve got mail!


You can get to Capri by  ferry either from Sorrento or Naples. We took it from Sorrento after exploring the Amalfi coast and it took about 40 minutes and then we got the Ferry from Amalfi back to Naples to catch our flights ( roughly an hour ). We didn’t have to book the Ferrys in advance since it was off peak season. But if you are visiting in the Summer then I would recommend booking a few days in advance either online or at the port.

Once you are done exploring the island, head down to the port and explore the coast with your toes sinking into the sand.


Lastly, do what I didn’t get to do and get on a private boat to see the island from a different point of view. Capri, I am not done yet! I will be back soon…

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