An Arabian Desert Safari Adventure

                                          Arabian nights, like a Arabian days

I have just returned from an amazing trip to Dubai and apart from the great parties and ladies nights, one of my favourites was the desert safari by Arabian Adventures. I was in two minds about it at first especially after I fully emerged myself into the long journey  to the breathtaking Sahara desert. 

The desert safari to the Dubai swapped the hour and half long camel walk to a fast & furious style dune drive.

dubai desert safariIMG_1605IMG_1621


There must have been about 12 cars on the F1 style race and after about 20 mins sand boarding across the dunes, we saw a few cars who had to stop for someone in the car to do the dirty deed. We made it through the whole ordeal (just about) just in time to make a stop to watch the magnificent sunset beneath the earth’s natural humps. In my 26 years of living I havn’t seen anything more dramatic than the skies burning blood orange in the desert. As the sand beneath us stopped to burn and whistled with the wind, we took in all of the desert’s tranquility.

The desert is a natural extension of the inner silence of the body”

– Jean Baudrillard

The Dubai Desert, unlike the Sahara, is not as bare and also houses a conservation reserve to Arabian wildlife. We were lucky enough to come across an Oryx, but the poor animal only had one of it’s horns. The other likely to have been lost in a fight.

Oryx dubai desert conservation reserve

After about 45 minutes we made it to the desert camp where we would take rest for a few hours and immerse ourselves in the Arabian culture (more touristy than local). We ate delicious food, this was a buffet style selection of meats, salads, rice and fresh bread – this was definitely the part I enjoyed most. Then we were graced by a very talented belly dancer that mesmerized us all, some more than others 😉


There was also the chance to go camel riding which we did, even though I was having bad flasbacks to our camel ride in morroco. Again, all these camels did was fart and rub their necks against my legs. I just find them so cute…  This bad boy was juts chilling down there.


All for 275dihram (or 375 dh if you want unlimited wine and beer and aren’t completely hungover), this trip is definitely a nice one to add to your itinerary in Dubai, some companies even offer a quad bike option too which is always fun.

If anything, the trip will give you plenty of opportunity for great pictures:

dubai desert safaridubai desert safariIMG_1707


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