Tale as Old as Time Afternoon Tea

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to be a part of the PANDORA Disney Jewellery collection launch in London. As with all things Disney, it was a very magical affair especially when we took a seat at the table to the “tale as old as time” afternoon tea.

Disney was a a big part of most of our childhoods and every time I get a chance to re-live that I jump head first at the opportunity. Especially if  it means I get to meet Maurice and chip.

tale as old as time afternoon tea

The Kensington hotel hosts this fairy tale afternoon tea throughout the year as a new addition, however places are currently booked up until next Summer. I guess I’m not the only person trying to feel young again and looking for prince charming. The venue itself is a charming, royal English style hotel with great ratings. Service was spectacular and so was the ambiance – everything simply shouts ” Be Our Guest”.

The savoury food at the tea itself is what you can expect from most venues but what really sets this place apart is the dessert section. With a rose jelly that actually has a edible rose petal in it, I felt like I had the witch’s power over the enchanted characters. If you use to sneak into the kitchen while mom wasn’t watching to eat condensed milk from the can like I did, then you are in for a treat when you eat from chip’s cup. Covered with grey whipped cream which hides a hidden pool of condensed milk.

I was in heaven.

tale as old as time afternoon teatale as old as time afternoon tea

Mrs. Potts held cream, not tea, which was used to top the rose jelly. The combination was unique but worked so well!IMG_1267IMG_1277

Looking at the new collection by PANDORA, it really embodies all  the charm and enchantment of Disney with charms from some of my favourite movies like beauty and the beast, Cinderella and the classical Bambi. There is no reason why anyone can’t rewind back to their carefree childhood with this jewellery.


What are some of your favourite Disney films?

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