The Shaking History of the Hohenzollern Castle

hohenzollern castle

Most people come to Germany to visit the stunningly magical Castle Neuschwanstein. However, many forget that the Germany monarchy was big, with castle’s splattered all over the castle. In the Schwaben land, where Stuttgart is the main city, the Hohenzollern Castle stands watching over the hilly region.

schloss hohenzollern

Celebrating 150 years this year, this castle is as old as the nation of Canada, so you can only imagine the history that haunts it within. Infact the original castle has been mentioned in literature from the 13th Century, but after many  wars and neglected ownership, the castle and throne was reconstructed in the 19th century by Prince Frederick William of Prussia. So what was the kingdom of Prussia? That was my first question too – it was the German kingdom that ruled parts of present day Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Denmark, Belgium and Czech republic.

The gothic-style Castle has withstood two earth quakes, however it means that it constantly has to see restorations take place around the fortress.

hohenzollern castlehohenzollern castlehohenzollern castle

The most interesting point we found out was that one of Queen Victoria’s granddaughters lived here, married to the one of the brothers residing in the castle at the time. Many of you might not actually know that Queen Victoria was married to a German prince, Prince Albert who was also her first cousin. Therefore, the German and English royal family are so intertwined – yet in today’s world the UK and Germany cannot be more different, especially with the topic of Brexit.

Anyway, I digress. When entering the castle you also get taken on a tour ( as part of the entrace fee) within this very well restored building. You can imagine the balls and celebrations that took place, but to live in this large fortress and call it home? I would rather my cosy apartment … but hey it’s not like I have a choice anyway.

hohenzollern CastleIMG_2605IMG_2600IMG_2599

Either way, I always love wandering through castles, there is something eerily beautiful about the structures and details in every floor tile and ceiling. How the fight for name and power amongst the monarchy was so important, and is still an attitude carried out in the governments of today. Why? I guess it is almost human nature to be territorial and pride yourself in having power, at the same time is it not also in our nature to show compassion to everyone?

While the monarchy is fascinating and has a rich culture it is not something that I relate to or am obsessed with – simply because it does not do the good in the world that it could, and im speaking of any monarchy, any royal family that still has some sort of influence.

What do you think? The Hohenzollern Castle really is still worth a visit though 🙂



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