The Reality Of Your First Love

first love

I am writing this post while I sit on my 13 hour flight back home to Singapore to see the family for Christmas. Did you know that people are more emotional on flights? Either because you know your not going to see someone special for a few weeks or that you are about to see people you grew up with after nearly two years and finally go on that adventure you have been dreaming of. That is also one of the reasons there is a higher chance of crying while watching a film on board your flight… I personally love a good sad film on planes as I feel the tears hydrate my tired eyes 😉

But this post isn’t about long haul flights. Today I am simply writing about that spectacular “first love”. You know the one we always see on movies and read in romance novels? That love that every girl dreams of when she is little, that Prince Charming? Unfortunately what a lot of us weren’t told is that first love doesn’t always last forever. 

Yes there are people out there still with their childhood sweethearts and that is cute and all, but for the majority of us that is not the reality. And you know what? That is perfectly fine. Infact, I think it is a good thing.

You see, your first love always feels like the most beautiful feeling, a simple text from him/her can make your day and that person makes you smile. But it is your first heartbreak that teaches you your biggest lesson in life – “life goes on”. So many people have settled, settled in a routine because they are comfortable, settled with someone because they feel comfortable with them. These same people however, aren’t always the happiest.

Imagine always going through your life wondering what it would feel like to love and be loved by someone else? Loved differently? No relationship is ever the same, and someone told me that you meet different people at different stages of your life for a reason. It was the right time and it taught you the right lesson and gave you the right experiences. So maybe your first love was not meant to stay.

In life, one of the hardest things to accept is that everyone you love will always stay in your heart but they don’t always have a place in your life.

Your first love can teach you things that make you a better person, preparing you for “the one”. I learnt to become more patient with people and that not everyone will see the world the same way as I do. It taught me to look at the good in people, someone who makes bad choices isn’t always a bad person. My first love taught me not to settle for anything ordinary, for a routine, it ignited a fierce passion in my heart.

With my first love came my first heartbreak. My first heartbreakIt taught me that jealousy strains your soul and that no man should make you feel jealous of anyone else. It taught me that love is not enough, trust and respect are the hardest things to earn but so easily lost. My first heartbreak showed me that you shouldn’t hold your happiness in another human being, as all humans have some trait of selfishness, greed and ego. You have to be your own happy in order to attract the right energy to you.

Never regret the time you gave to your first love, as it will have taught you so much and moulded you. And like they say, one day you will meet that person that makes you realise why it couldn’t work out with anyone else – and I promise, love after your first love does exist 🙂


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