2018 Lessons That I Will Live By in 2019


The new year is here, anyone else feeling the hangover? 1st of January is always such a weird day, the streets are fairly empty, everyone is dreading work the next day after the long holiday break, and you just didn’t wake up with that New Year feeling!

The gyms will now be packed for a few weeks with the new year resolutionists. I think everyone is ready to eat more consciously and exercise after not giving a sh** for a week. I for one had a week long cheat day.

While I am not one for the “new year, new me” fad, I do like to take time to really reflect on the previous year, what I gained, what I lost and what it taught me. 2017 and 2016 were all about self love and healing, but 2018 allowed me to elevate that.

  1. Setting up multiple sources of income 

We all have that primary job and I am happy on how I have progressed in my career but in 2018 I became involved in more activities to give me experience in other aspects of digital marketing and allowing me to extend my freelance opportunities. I have also started to see some funding through my blog and that took 4 years. My main point is do not expect anything to happen overnight. There will always be downtime before you see profits and you shouldn’t dismiss an opportunity just because it won’t pay you straight away.

    2. Learn to love  

I always say self love is the foundation of any relationship. You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else, EVERYONE has been self-conscious at a point in their life or not known how amazing they are because of all the noise we are surrounded by in the media. Well the hard truth is until you love yourself, you will not truly be able to love anyone else. Happiness is within and when you become happy alone then you are powerful. But in 2018 I learnt to love someone else after my heart-ache a few years ago. When you have had your heart broken and cheated it can be easy to think that loving again will be hard. And it can be when trust issues exists, but I had to learn to trust and take a risk with love and now I couldn’t be happier. The good thing about having your heart broken before is that you learn what you do not want from a relationship, you deserve to be picky.

So now I found a best-friend that has my heart and loves me for all my flaws. 🙂

So take a chance….

3. Take care of your body

It is so so easy to just want to lose fat or tone your body and do weights in the gym. But this year I really understood the power of what food you put in you and how that affects more than just what you look like.  I have had tummy issues and feeling bloated for a long time and I realised through elimination that dairy has that affect on me. And I am going to kick off 2019 with a food intolerance test so I can make sure I am eating the right things. Apart from food, I started Yoga classes to try and tackle my lower back pains which have been on-going for ages as well as strengthening my core and stability and this year I want to take that to the next level and be more consistent with Yoga and really end my back aches, after all I am still in my 20s!! Lastly, supplements! I have always had a poor immune system but I have been more consistent in taking the right vitamins for me, zinc, iron, vitamin D and black seed oil have really helped me to strengthen my immune system – I havn’t fallen really ill this winter yet!

So what do I want out of 2019? Well I still want to lose weight but also strengthen myself, not just my core but my skillset. I want to be able to do the downward dog with completely straightened legs and no uncomfortable back, I want to be able to do a pull-up without assistance, I want to gain more experience with digital channels outside of my expertise and I want to invest my savings. Those are just a few of my 2019 plans, where will this year take you?

And here is a big shout out to everyone who has been in my life and had a positive impact, I hope I return the favour or can return it ❤ ❤



Author: meladela

Just a curly girl who loves to eat and travel.

4 thoughts on “2018 Lessons That I Will Live By in 2019”

  1. Great blog, article!!
    Found reading this very inspirational and althou i’m in a really happy place right now it has given me lots of food for thought and I shall reflect on my past year as I move further into 2019 ❤️


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