Finding Your Voice Abroad


We might be travellers throughout the course of our lives, and might absolutely love every minute spent acting in this way. But it can sometimes be that we never completely feel ‘at home’ in our new temporary environment, no matter how much we wish to see ourselves as an ‘Earth citizen.’ This isn’t so bad. Without the feeling of exotic adventure, we likely wouldn’t head to so many distant locales to see just what is beyond the horizon. After all, we often think that the world has shrunk due to satellite mapping and the ease of travel, but the world is the same size it always was, and will always retain the capacity to surprise and astonish you. If you feel travelling has become stale and boring, you’re likely not travelling as well as you could be.

The only downside to this sense of unfamiliarity is that it can stifle our inner creative voice, and our sense of competency abroad. Finding your inner confidence and ability to express yourself will not only help you get involved in the local cultures but make the idea of future travels absolutely pressing. In other words, squeezing the marrow out of life is achieved with this mindset.

Thankfully, this needn’t take too much time to implement or respect. You simply need to know where to get started. For that we would suggest:

Living Abroad

To find your voice abroad, you often need to live abroad. It’s one thing to visit multiple times, but extended visits or even full transitions to the new environment can give you freedom and insight that you may not have thought possible. Off The Plan Apartments can set you in the perfect location, so long as you have a purpose for your stay. Do you hope to work in some of the best kitchens abroad in order to learn a beautiful cuisine, perhaps helping you start your next restaurant project infused with flavour? Do you hope to get in touch with your cultural roots after receiving an inheritance? Do you simply wish to become a new citizen of a country because living there is on your bucket list? Living abroad helps you adapt as a resident of that country, which can be stronger than being someone who simply adores that environment. Feeling culture soak into your skin can be a wonderful feeling.

Creative Endeavours

While most of the developed world has its own scene in a range of different artistic fields, sometimes you simply need to go to the source. Heading abroad to learn the painting style of the greats, or visiting the world’s most precious art collections, or heading to hidden collectors events, or deciding to express yourself in the medium of another country can all be highly fascinating, but completely enthralling and life-giving too.

Solo Travel

We often feel that travel abroad is something we need to do with someone we trust, just to stay on the side of safety. This can be completely true, and for novice travellers is probably the best way to start things. However, solo travel can also inform a wonderful worldview, and give you the confidence to travel places without fear. Travelling to one unknown environment and making the best of it will give you renewed confidence to do it again, because you’ve also conquered those fears. This is perhaps one of the best methods of finding your voice abroad.

With these tips, you’re sure to craft your travel identity with the self-belief necessary.

*This was a collaboration post

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